Union Army in the Civil War

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Grant was born in Ohio on April 27, 1822. On March 10, 1864, he became the commander of the Union Army in the Civil War. Grant became very famous after the Union won the war, and later became president in 1869. While Grant was president he worked hard to get the North and South back together. He also worked on Reconstruction. Grant started off as a second lieutenant. Grant married Julia Dent and they had 4 kids together. In 1854 Grant was done with the military, or so he thought. When the Civil War started, Grant took a position as a colonel. Grant was doing very good. His army took control of Vicksburg, Missouri. This was a big deal. Lincoln gave Grant control of the Union in March 10, 1864. In 1865 Robert E. Lee gave up. Grant had won the war for the Union army.

Whenever Grant was president, lots of mistakes were made. He didn’t know what he was doing.A man named Alexander Graham Bell had big dreams. He wanted to create a machine called the harmonic telephone. This machine would send information to other people through wires. Bell had bigger plans though. He wanted to be able to communicate with other people without actually being with the person. In 1875, Bell had figured out how to do this. What he made was a simple model of the telephone. In 1876 Bell received his patent. A couple days after he got his patent, on March 10, he made the first phone call.

He said, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.” Today known as AT&T, AT&T used to be called the Bell Telephone Company. The company was created by Bell in 1877. Bell was taken to court because other people told the court they had made the telephone. 550 court objections were made against his company, but he kept his patent. 6 weird deaths happened on the Ocean Liner Karmania in 1903. The Karmania was quarantined in San Fransico on March 10, 1903. The six dead were believed to have died from cholera. The other 773 people on the ship had to stay on board until the ship was cleaned and there were no more people sick. The Karmania had already had cholera on board a decade earlier. Three people died on the Karmania in 1893.The bombing of Tokyo, otherwise known as the “Night of the Black Snow” happened on March 9-10 in 1945. The mission was called “Operation Meetinghouse”. The United States bombed Tokyo, Japan. Between 80,000 and 100,000 people died, and 1,000,0000 were left without homes. This bombing was one of the most deadly to ever happen in war (Grant).

The bombs that were used were called firebombs. They slowly fluttered to the ground, and without and explosion, burnt whatever it landed on. The fires from the bombs connected and create a huge fire. The wind swept the fire up and created a fire twister.


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