Army Values and its Functions

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The Army apply different old and new strategies to form hierarchy. There are strict rules, policies and regulations for the Army and its officers. Customs and Courtesies are significant to manage army and its functions. Army established 7 core values, that every soldier need to obey then during and off duty. The standard of military hierarchy customs and courtesies is what a leader need to show with his junior to enhance motivation, moral and effort. They assist in defining the essence of professionalism within the Army, instilling discipline among subordinates and additionally giving respect to superiors. Chain of Command A chain of commands is a continuous chain of power that links all the people in an organization, indicating the reporting relationship between people. The principle of hierarchy is that the chain of commands in an organization should include all personnel.

The chain of command affects the communication between the superior and the subordinate in the organization. It allows work to flow smoothly in that issues that can be solved by commands lower in this chain is done as such. So that those higher in the chain who may have more important issues to deal with aren't constantly having to deal with everyone's issues at the lower level which can be solved by those superiors in the lower levels of the chain of command. Grade Grades are formed for determine pay scale like from 0 to 10. The military has specific terminology to represent authority and duty, depending on that branch. Grade is what category someone's rank falls under. As even though there is 3 ranking positions in the grade E-9, they are all paid the same.

Rank is important as it built one of the basic backbones of military. Rank is the hierarchy of position. Army divide its enlisted ranks in 13 ranks from E-1 to E9S. it is as important as chain of command and provide link among low to high ranking soldiers. It is more so seniority as not only time but the overall work ethic of individuals determines someone gaining rank. As one gains rank they generally go higher up in the chain of command as well as earn a higher degree of deserved and expected respect. Position Position denotes to power and it is usually correlated to rank, military courtesy is considerate conduct to all ranks from high to low as well as for lower ranks(usually) if put in a position of a normally higher rank. Your position is more or less where you are put to do a specific job different from responsibilities required from an individual by their rank.

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