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Thesis Statement for Time Management

Proposing the ideas regarding time management, which is essential for an individual to achieve his/her short-term and long-term goals with a proper and positive mindset and dealing with the daily life common problems to move further steps in life.

Research Paper on Time Management

Managing time is a kind of skill that determines the most important factor of an individual’s life, and that important term is the future. Most people spend their time on unusual things instead of spending their time planning things. Even the most successful persons have shown their mastery in terms of time management, for example.
“Mr. Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, manages to read one book per week, and the reason is he thinks that books are the better option to gain knowledge for future perspective”(Baer.D, 2016). The interesting fact is how these famous and busiest people on this planet manage their time to do all these of kind which seem very important. Understanding decision-making also plays a greater role in it. Making the right decisions leads to better management of the time.

Argumentative Essay Examples on Time Management

Organizing things seems to be the most challenging part in terms of time management, as it is very difficult to judge the things which make sense for an individual. A person should always try to be creative in this because our creativity never compromises in terms of making better choices. The thing which is most important, which helps them to be creative, is brainstorming. Brainstorming will help an individual to make better choices because brainstorming will provide all the options which are going through an individual’s mind. It will also give a clear pathway towards approaching an idea. Moreover, in time management, long-term and short-term goals also play a crucial part in it. Time management helps us to deal with long-term and short-term priorities in terms of how an individual is making his/her plans or whether the plans are executed in the right way according to the objective. All these things come under time management. If a person is unable to execute his/her plans, then the person should try to modify his/her routine plan because, without this, a person cannot achieve the desired results. The things which can be done that a person should always try to do things in a sequence instead of trying in an inconsequential way. In addition, being focused on the work is also a mandatory condition to get things done in a possible right way. Furthermore, the world is now changing as technology made its solid base in every sector of the world, and this makes an individual able to do their task in a quick manner, but still, urgent tasks have short-term consequences and long-term are related to goal-related implications. Work towards reducing the urgent things an individual must do so to achieve better results in terms of future perspective. Furthermore, the experience of an individual also plays a major role in it. Ultimately, it helps to make better decisions and go for better choices.

Research Paper Ideas: Innovative Approaches to Time Management Research

Moreover, there is a famous saying by an Italian economist who noted that “80 percent of the reward comes from 20 percent of the effort” (McGee-Cooper, Ann. 1983). This gives an individual a clear idea regarding how an individual can get some rewards by managing time. Furthermore, self-control also plays an important role in setting an individual’s daily working routine. An individual should not compromise their priorities with some other kind of work that has no benefit in the future. An individual should know what are his/her priorities and how he/she is going to deal with them. With the help of self-control, it helps to increase working efficiency and keep the person on the right track. For self-control, “an individual should do yoga and outdoor exercise to keep the brain and body healthy” (Martinuzzi. B, 2013). Once, Thomas Edison said that “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose” (Lithuania.D, 2007). This gives a clear message of how these famous personalities value the importance of time and prove it by changing the world. In addition, an individual gets 24 hours per day, so to achieve something, a person tries to win each hour per day. This will ultimately lead to success, and also it will let the person always be charged up so that he/she can get the most from his/her activities. Moreover, to decide all these things, first, a person should have his/her inner qualities so that he/she can decide and make the decisions according to their accurate way. Moreover, every effort that “we make that helps us succeed in accomplishing our tasks successfully will give us the impetus to be more time-conscious and punctual. This requires a discipline that we must follow” (Kalyani. N, 2007).


Time management does not seem difficult as a concept, but it is hard to follow it in everyday life. An individual’s approach should be clear regarding this concept; otherwise, it is very difficult to reach the heights of success. A person should understand how to pick up their moments, so at least the person should understand taking the right decision at the right time. The concept of urgent and important should be clear in every individual’s head so that the person should get long-term benefits. Following a timetable requires being disciplined and serious about our purpose. This requires clarity of mind and purpose and an ability to focus on an individual’s mind on the activity at hand. For this, we need to develop our mind’s strength by paying attention to the task at hand at any point in time. Completing the one step towards success always gives an individual a confidence booster, and that step is one and only time management. It is clear that proper time management is something that can change our lives on a fundamental basis for a better life in the future.

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