Time- Management Strategies

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To capitalize on the use of my time and reach my educational goals, I will execute these specific time management strategies. Accessing and planning a weekly schedule and adjusting my daily schedule are the two specific time management strategies I will use to help me maximize the use of my time and reach my ultimate educational goals. Keeping an accurate schedule will facilitate the use of my time and the process for strategy number one, accessing and planning a weekly schedule. I will make a list of what I have to accomplish during the coming week, including class assignments and class participation. Being inclusive in my list of school work that must be done for the week is essential for making my schedule work. I will include curricular activities, personal daily tasks, errands, meals and time with friends on my list of things to do for the week. My daily living activities and curricular activities are important and provide balance in my schedule. I must plan accordingly with every aspect of my life included; I want to utilize my opportunity and not have any excuses or reasons that will take away from my school time and me reaching my goal. I will estimate how long each task will take me and plan properly. My activities take different amounts of time; I must effectively use and plan my time wisely, and allow the correct amount of time for the task planned from start to finish, so I don’t take away or neglect another task that is planned. Keeping in mind the amount of time the task will take and other things I must complete and do on the scheduled day, requires me to properly identify each task and the day on which I will accomplish it. I will plan my weekly schedule for the next week every Friday afternoon, before I begin my weekend. I’m committed to my strategy that I have reserved and the time I have set aside to successfully get the most out of my time. Strategy number two is adjusting my daily schedule and following a daily to-do list referencing my weekly schedule and assignments due. My daily to-do list will help me stay focused and motivated to complete my daily activities so I can reach my educational goals. Examples of activities I will schedule on my daily to-do list include time set aside for small amounts of studying and daily online classroom discussions. I will write out a daily schedule at the beginning of each day. I will include uncompleted tasks from the previous day as well as new tasks. As I write out my daily schedule, I will assess my priorities and use the A, B, C system to prioritize my tasks. A’s will stand for tasks that must be done and completed that day. B’s will represent important tasks but will not be as important as A’s, and C’s will stand for optional tasks. I will strive and try to complete all my A tasks before I move on to the B tasks; I feel this is a successful strategy for time management and maximizing the use of my time. The A, B, C system has worked for me in the past, and reduces my stress level. I will use my weekly schedule to create my daily schedule quickly, so I don’t waste or take away from other tasks that need my attention. I plan on using a daily planner and carry it with me at all times to refer to it as needed and cross items off once I have completed them. This will keep me motivated by providing a sense of accomplishment. Doing small amounts and allowing myself the proper

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