Resources and Time Management

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Resource and Time Management

Resources and time management play an important role in making a project success. Organizations rely on resources to carry out the project tasks. Time management is very critical in the project completion. The resources need to be able to follow the process and make sure to finish the tasks on time. Without the correct team/resources set up, any procedure and plan have the capability of totally falling apart.

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“Resources and Time Management”

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In my opinion, project manager and entire team needs to work in a collaborative style, that is really important to ensure the success of a project and to finish the project on time.
According to Kerzner (2001), project success was clearly explained as the completion of a project within the specified budget, time, performance. This de? nition of project success has been modified to incorporate completion within the mentioned time period, at the possible execution or specification level.

A project can be viewed as effective by meeting the execution measures of cost, time and technical performance, but also ensuring and safeguarding that the project is acknowledged and accepted by the client (Kerzner 1998).
I would like to concentrate more on time, resource performance and of course customer satisfaction. Success will be determined by the level of execution accomplished. To decide whether these factors are actually useful and success will be depending on their impact on project execution.

Belassi and Tukel (1996) grouped critical success factors into four zones: external environment, team, organization and the project. The identi? cation of critical factors would prompt the better assessment of projects.
Pinto and Slevin (1987) found ten critical success factors, including project mission, top administration support, project schedule plan, customer consultation, personnel, technical tasks, client acceptance, monitoring and feedback, communication and investigating. This exploration just identified the critical success factors, yet did not quantify the quality of their association with project performance.

Cooke-Davies (2002) recommended a range of critical success factors related to performance, including project team and management competencies relevant to huge, complex projects, but also to projects in general.
Project management incorporates productively overseeing individuals and partnerships viably. The decision power should be given to sponsor and the sponsor must work with project manager and they need to be in a decent understanding about the wants of a project.
The project manager needs to be clear on making the requirements clear with the management. And the leadership should really give the decision power to the sponsor who will then take care on getting requirements done quickly. We need to be clear and transparent with the stakeholders that help them understand the performance.

Communicate with upper management and come to an understanding on the decisions and have their support financially. The sponsor needs to be available and help in making decisions and influencing the stakeholders and management.
Team work needs communication, coordination ability to do exploration on the tasks. Make sure involve right person on right time. Include the stakeholders in meetings in order to better identify if any issues at that moment.
As work demands increase, managers need to manage time and work projects effectively. Knowing how you invest your time is the initial step to enhance and improve efficiency and time management. Managers ought to distinguish performance time and wasteful time utilize.


Every team member should manage their time effectively and work to achieve project success, some of the basic things to consider: Try to work on the critical stuff on priority and schedule the less important or priority tasks to later. Also, make sure you dont switch tasks, that leads to time loss understanding both.

Raffoni (2006) reports that switching between tasks could diminish effectiveness by 20% to 40%. Since email interferences can distract from work and take time to read and reply to e-mails. Enhancing time and project management incudes creating work time without interferences. When working on a project, do not end up interrupted by unnecessary talk from colleagues. The tasks need to show the manageable steps of the project. Also, they ought to be divided into subtasks which take less time to complete. It is ok to say no to colleagues when they try to give you more work or ask questions when you do not have time.

Organization is another key factor in project and time management for managers. Workplace organization is critical to work effectively. Time spent searching for files, folders, or projects is considered waste. Keep moving towards technology which gives us the features to do our work in less time. Because many files are now electronic, retain only essential hard copy documents. Often update and back up the files that you complete. Eliminate duplicates and rough drafts of completed work. This greatly reduces manual work and saves time. All the team members ought to be communicating within themselves often and offer the ideas. Following agile really helps in determining the tasks and also the fixes if something goes wrong. Agile is flexible and the team members and project manager should follow the principles of agile methodology. Utilize the tools available to you to reduce work load and make sure everything is done on time.

Would like to discuss on more on agile methodologies which the team uses, it involves communication like handling stand-up calls and the progress made everyday by team members. Having code reviews by the team and automate the tasks to test. Follow agile principles and methodologies in project, more focus to individuals than to process and tools. Just make sure to provide adequate documentation. Respond to changes quickly. Give more importance to customer feedback than the requirements defined. Of course we need to follow requirements and develop the tasks but when comes to customer satisfaction and needs, we need to give preference to the client.

Keeping to the timetable in which the design and requirements are created. And to how well the team can convey the outcomes characterized in scope. We often hear organizations have been faced with problems in delivering, so the project manager should make sure we dont go beyond scope and timelines. Then the team can work towards increasing speed and in post-execution adjustments accordingly.

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