Time Management Skills

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What are you doing right now? What do you wish you could be doing right now? What other things could you be doing right now? These are all good questions that all come to one common term. Time management. We all know the feeling of maybe I should do this before I do that. All people can agree efficiency is what makes the world spin but the ideals can be scaled at miniscule or gargantuan levels in the sense you can be efficient with doing the dishes or a multi billion dollar company can be efficient with the production of those plates. Jeff bezos is a multi billionaire and the owner of Amazon an almost trillion dollar company but he does this because he is very good at predicting things and somewhat guessing. He only owns 16% when it comes to the company itself but he is using his knowledge of management and putting all of his time towards the most important aspect of his company. Time management skills can be used to become more efficient and less stressful in the long run.

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“Time Management Skills”

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The ability to be able to get things done on a schedule makes life go by faster meaning one can use more time to worry less about smaller inconveniences. Forty fifth president of the United States of America, Donald John Trump Created The Art of The Deal and in that book he talked about the ways he used his time in such a way that resulted in productivity in his life. Like what trump mentioned in his book pertaining to this topic was, the time you spend doing something doesn’t matter, itr’s what comes from that time spent. He also mentioned how his jobs had significantly lower prices (cost for them) than other companies due to them being ahead of schedule. Using those tools to better your time and to get ahead of other things that you might be focused on. These all are great ways to help someone out with their most important value and to get more enjoyment out of what they put in to something.
Clincher: What is the importance of this subtopic? The organisation of your time is an efficient way to make your life more productive and useful due to what you know and when something is happening.

Stress can overwhelm anything due to over thinking and over/ under production and meeting things at certain dates so itr’s not bad to just think. Matt Mayberry is a motivational speaker and a CEO of a company, and is very successful at both, but in one of his articles about Time management he wrote about how someone can Take a walk, go to the gym, get some fresh air or take that sick day you have been holding out on (Mayberry). This quote is very good for someone who over works and never has time to themselves. People have needed some time to think and doing some of the suggested things Matt said is a good way to clear your head so you can get back on track. By doing this people get to working harder on one thing because the negatives have been cleared from their head. Mayberryr’s article is very helpful in listing ways you can use time correctly or in your favor but a great listen would be Time management Is Key To Getting Work Done. This is a great podcast between two great women in Radio/Podcasts Renee Montagne and Lucy Kellaway are great examples of everyday people. In this podcast these ladies talk about their daily struggles. Lucy mentioned that her addiction to reading emails gets in the way of her other important tasks due to how stressful they can be. This is a great point because small things like emails or texts can suck us in to doing something for a long period of time without being productive. People tend to get off topic and lose productivity due to these small obstacles and stress due to them. This whole process is a waste of time and unnecessary .

The effective use of time management skills are what help people and businesses run faster and with less problems. Most people Have smaller obstacles that when piled up can become major and hinder their full potential and need way to get around those things. Schedules can really help as well due to having everything in a position instead of just saying whatr’s next people already have a game plan. Most people can agree that if you use any management skills not just time management skills your life will be a whole lot smoother. People as a whole are better impacted when not only people work together but have specialized ways they can work themselves with those other people to reach the end goal.

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