Main Principles of Time Management

INABILITY TO SAY NO: We all hunger to be as helpful as we can when others need us, but this can mean pleasing time away from other priorities to do something we may not have planned.

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“Main Principles of Time Management”

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INTERRUPTIONS: Many times, we are in the middle of completing something really important and the telephone rings. These calls can not only take you away from your task, but occasionally they interpose your train of thought and you cant return to where you were without redoing your steps.

MORE INTERRUPTIONS: We all like to visit with others, but discussions at unsuitable times can cost us time when we have to stop what we are doing and transmit ourselves from our plans.

PERIODS OF INACTIVITY: As abundant as we think we are busy, there are periods in our day when we are not really doing anything. Knowing and making use of these times can have a optimistic effect on our efforts.

TOO MANY THINGS AT ONCE: Many of our errands are not practices. They require attention to detail. When we are attempting to do too many different things at one time, each individual task agonizes as a result.

STRESS AND FATIGUE: Everyone practices stress from time to time, and sometimes we actually operate a little better when there is some level of stress. Too much stress, on the other hand, causes our work to suffer and attires us down physically and mentally. Dealing with stress is an important part of time managing.

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY: Most effective people know how to stability work and play. When work takes over your life, you not only give your body little time to re-energize, but you may end up losing the really vital things in life like family and friends.


The difficulties that we face are not insoluble. Sometimes, the stiffest thing to do is to identify that these obstacles exist and are affecting your ability to manage your time.When you have identified your problems, you can begin to overcome them. Plans you can use to overwhelmed the problems we just examined:


The first, and most vital strategy you can hire to manage your time is to set clear goals for yourself. As a Lions front-runner, you will want to achieve many things in your time of office. The best favor you can do for yourself is to govern what those goals are and make sure your efforts are always directed toward their achievement.

Effective goals share number of characteristics in common. Effective goals are:

  • SPECIFIC: When a goal is too unclear, you may never know how to reach it or even when you have touched it. Make certain that you know precisely what you hope to attain.
  • MEASURABLE: When you have a goal that is quantifiable, you will know how far you have to go to grasp the goal, and when you get there.
  • ACHIEVABLE: It is commendable to set your sights high, but sometimes we try to achieve more than we can actually do. Training and certifying ten Certified Managerial Lions in your district in one year may or may not be achievable at this time for number of reasons. Your penalty area must be such that, if you spread yourself you can just spread them.
  • REALISTIC: Can you launch a program in your district to help everyone with dream problems? It is certainly a worthwhile goalmouth, but it may not be faithful at this time. It might be better to work on setting up a program with schools to provide vision testing and glasses for deprived children.
  • TIME-BASED: Most of the goals that you launch in your position as a Lions front-runner will not be long-term. It is significant to set time guidelines for your goals, so that you can keep track of your progress as you are going along and can be alert to when you are falling behindhand schedule.


As a leader in your club or district, you will be faced with many responsibilities. It is safe to say that you will not be able to do the whole thing, so it is wise to periodically make a list of the tasks that confront you and prioritize them. The following technique may be helpful in ordering:

  • DO: Govern from the list the things you think are most important to achieve and are things you should do yourself.
  • DELEGATE: Recall that there many Lions within your district with skills, experience, and inspiration to carry out a wide variety of tasks. A truly actual district governor understands that real leaders do not try to accomplish everything themselves and recognizes that some things are better handled by others. Allotting not only frees up your time for other things, it guarantees that capitals are used wisely and that Lions who want to help are inspired and involved.
  • DELAY UNTIL ANOTHER TIME: Some things can wait. The hazard is deferring too many things until deadlines are near. The best policy here is to ponder when things are due, how long it will take to accomplish them, and what your current workload will allow. For example, registrations and request forms that are not yet due could be sent to LCI former if you have time. It makes logic to delay things that are not due when you are overworked and to achieve them ahead of time when you can.
  • DELETE: If you have set areas using the guidelines we mentioned earlier, you may recognize that some of them are not attainable or realistic, or that they are just not important. A good leader knows when to focus on the important and remove the rest.

It is vital when you have ordered your tasks that you: ADDRESS THE URGENT: Take attention of things with short-term moments as soon as possible.

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