A Stress Plan

Part 1: Confronting the Problem

Point 1: Identify and address the problem.

  • I will learn to work one problem at a time, when I have too many problems. For example, I am going to access all of my problems and tackle the bigger ones first then handle the smaller ones.
  • I will seek advice from family members, teachers and friends and learn from their experience how to better handle problems.
  • I will purchase a day planner and evaluate what I have to do on my too do list.
  • I will take assignments that are a lot of work and break them down into timelines.
  • I will work smarter not harder.

Point 2: Avoiding stress

  • I will stay away from those things that may cause me stress. I will
  • Avoid certain people, like negative Nancy’s.
  • Avoid certain places, like crowed areas and loud people.
  • Avoid certain things, like telling yourself to finish an assignment, but not actually making time to do it.
  • Avoid certain memories that create pain for me, like losing a parent at a young age.

Point 3: Some things need to be let go to see what I need to do.

  • I understand that I waste some of my energy and time worrying about things I cannot fix. Here are some things that I will try to let go, so I can focus on the problems I can change.
  • I will let go of what others think of me.
  • I will let go of worrying if I will get a better job after I graduate.
  • I will let go of trying to get an A in every class.
  • I know I waste some of my energy when I take things personally that really have nothing to do with me. I am going to learn this lesson by remembering a time I did this and by choosing not to repeat that mistake.

Part 2: Taking Care of My Body

Point 4: Exercise is a must

  • I will do something that makes my body work hard for at least 20 minutes every other day more is better. I know that strong bodies help people better deal with stress, and this will keep me in shape. The kinds of things I like to do include:
  1. Cardio for 20 minutes on Mondays
  2. CrossFit 20 minutes on Wednesdays
  3. Spin class 20 minutes on Fridays
  • I will commit to 20 minutes of exercise a day.
  • I know a hard physical workout will help me calm down when I am feeling worried, stressed, or fearful. The kinds of things I might do include
  • Lifting weights
  • Run a mile one way, then walk back a mile
  • Hit a punching bag

Point 5: Relaxation.

  • I will try to teach my body to relax by using
  • Exercise that controls the body and releases tension like Tai Chi or boxing
  • Deep breathing
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Warm, long baths or showers
  • Imagine I am someplace peaceful and relaxing on a cruise ship to the Bahamas.

Point 6: Eating a balanced diet

I know that eating well helps people deal with stress better. I know that a good diet can make a difference in my health and how well I deal with stress. The changes I am ready to make include

  • Eating a good hearty breakfast
  • Skipping fewer meals
  • Drinking fewer sodas and sugary drinks
  • Drinking more water
  • Eating smaller portions
  • Eating less greasy meals or snacks
  • Eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods

Point 7: Having a good night’s sleep is important

  • I know that people who get a good night’s sleep do a better job of dealing with stress. For me to get the sleep I need, I will try to go to bed at 9:00pm on week nights.
  • I will follow a plan to help me get a restful night’s slept.
  • Avoid caffeine before bed.
  • Exercise 4-6 hours before bed.
  • Finish homework after exercise because I will be my calmest, clearest and most focused.
  • Take some time to relax or hang out after studying.
  • Shower or bathe 1 hour before bed.
  • Begin to dim the lights 30 minutes before bed
  • I will use my bed only for sleeping. I will
  • Stop reading in bed.
  • Stop doing homework in bed.
  • Stop watching television in bed.
  • Stop instant messaging in bed.
  • Stop worrying in bed.
  • Charge my cell phone in a other room.

Part 3: Dealing with My Emotions

Point 8: Take instant vacations.

  • Everyone needs to be able to escape problems for a while by taking an instant vacation. I will
  • Read a good book.
  • Go shopping.
  • Imagine I am on a beach in the Caribbean
  • Watch a movie on Netflix.
  • Listen to calming music.
  • Take a warm bath with bath salts.

Point 9: Release emotional tension.

  • I will release my worries go, instead of letting them build up inside.
  • I will talk to a friend who will give good advice.
  • I will talk to my:
  1. Mother
  2. Father
  3. Teacher
  4. Friend
  5. Pastor
  • I will pray to gain strength.
  • I will meditate to clear my mind
  • I will write out my thoughts in a journal.
  • I will let myself laugh more.
  • I will make get organized by making lists.
  • When I have too many problems that I feel I cannot handle, I will work on them one at a time.
  • I will express myself through song.
  • I will express myself through yoga.
  • I will express myself through crafting.
  • I will express myself through poetry.

Part 4: Helping other in your community will help you feel better

Point 10: Pay it forward

When people help others they tend to feel better about themselves. I plan to:

  • Help a member of my family by seeing if they need help doing something at their house.
  • Volunteer in my community by helping out at the food pantry on Saturdays
  • Help the environment by recycling.
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