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Americas Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny

During the early years of the United States, many thought that expansion was vital to the young nations survival. Early states were strategically located along the eastern seaboard which allowed for trade to flow easily, however many started to question what profit may come out of the vast interior land that had yet to be […]

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Where and when California Gold Rush Happened

California Gold Rush The great California gold rush was the largest internal migration in American history, it brought about 300,000 people to California to dig one of the most prized possessions back then, gold. The California gold rush gave California there nick name as the Golden State. Many of the once inhabited gold rush towns […]

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History and Tool of the Gold Rush

Introduction  Have you ever heard of the California Gold Rush, and the Westward Expansion? Well in this story you will learn about it. Also, in this story you will learn about what tools that were used in the Gold Rush. Last but not least you will learn about why men left their families to go […]

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A Story about Miner Struggles

Miner Struggles      When the gold miners arrived in california, mining was extremely dangerous and delicate. There was no guarantee for success. Many of them never even found gold after they had spent most all of their life savings, left their homes, friends and families. Many even said One of every five miners who came […]

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An Importance of Goldern Rush

The Gold Rush began in Sacramento Valley in 1848 when nuggets of gold were discovered. The epidemic was a very significant turning point for American history in the 19th century. The Gold Rush brought thousands of people to San Francisco to mine for gold. From the start, it changed many things about America, even the […]

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Why was Goldern Rush Beneficial?

In the 19-century, there was a migration which developed a huge population. This migration is known as the California Gold Rush. The discovery of gold in the valley, sparked the rush to establish and news quickly spread to thousands of gold miners. Over 300,000 miners migrated to California in 1850 which created a great impact […]

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The Gold Rush and its Impact on California

Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River, was the famous announcement that a man by the name of Sam Brannan yelled up and down the streets of San Francisco while holding a vial of proof of its existence (Cherny, Lemke-Santangelo & Griswold del Castillo, 2014). Gold had been found previously in California, but it wasn’t […]

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Where the Gold Rush Happened

Introduction    Have you  ever wondered who found the first peace of gold in the gold rush? These topics are going to teach you about where the gold rush happened, about getting rich in the gold rush, and about the forty niners.    Where It Happened              In a small town called Sutter’s mill, California 300,000 […]

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Short Overview of the Gold Rush

Introduction                The gold rush began on January 24, 1848. Gold was found by james.w.marshall. James found the gold in sutter’s mill ,California. When people found out there was gold they immediately went to california because people were hungry for gold. About the Gold Rush       In 1848 James.wilson.marshall was the first to find gold […]

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The California Gold Rush Impact on California

At a saw-mill owned by Swiss immigrant General John A. Sutter, gold was discovered by James Marshall in January 1848.  Unsure of what he had found at first, Marshall conducted some rudimentary tests on the material, which included biting it and hitting it with a hammer (Historical Impact of the California Gold Rush).  When the […]

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Historical Issues of the Golden Rush

Introduction Who wouldn’t want to be rich I know I would want to be rich,but there is a way to get rich, by going to california,sutter’s mill too bad you’re about 150 years late. But you could also get rich by reading books like this one. If you’re looking for information for the gold rush […]

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How Goldern Rush Effected on the USA

 In 1848, the first spot of gold in the Sacramento Valley in California triggered a high demand for gold leading to a massive immigration spree and economic breakthrough known as the California gold rush. The discovery of gold, once spread to all of California, spread internationally to countries as distant as China and France. The […]

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Before and after the Discovery of Gold

The Gold Rush Have you ever wondered where gold first came from. Well in this paper you will learn where gold came from, what happened before gold was discovered, and what happened after gold was discovered. The Beginning California wasn’t always part of the united states The territory was claimed by Spain in 1542. 49ers […]

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Was Manifest Destiny Justified?

As United States increased their connections with the world, the drive for the it to expand territories westward increases as Americans gradually believe that economic development and territorial security of their countries can be consolidated by expansion. Manifest Destiny, a term that was used to describe this westward expansion movement, refers to a belief that […]

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