Short Overview of the Gold Rush


      The gold rush began on January 24, 1848. Gold was found by james.w.marshall. James found the gold in sutter’s mill ,California. When people found out there was gold they immediately went to california because people were hungry for gold.

About the Gold Rush

      In 1848 James.wilson.marshall was the first to find gold at sutter’s mill California. James wanted to keep the gold a secret but,people found out and started gossip and spread the news quickly. When people found out about the gold they moved to California so quickly so they could get gold. When people went to mining camps they found more than 750,000 pounds of gold.  

Dangers of the Gold Rush

        Lots of people couldn’t get rich easy because they got killed.People killed other people to steal their gold. They were very hungry for gold.John sutter who owned sutter’s mill he died from a heart failure.Over 100,000 people died from heart diseases, and a lot of other diseases. People had a disease called scurvy.

Who is Sam Brannan

     Not a lot of people got rich because people were very rude because they stole from other people and killed the people for there gold. Sam brannan was the first person to become a millionaire. But the first person to find gold was james.w. marshall.Sam brannan was on the newspaper back then.Sam brannan didn’t actually dig for gold. But he used his money to build a new house for himself.       


     The gold rush began on january 24,1848. Gold was found by        james.w.marshall. The gold was found in sutter’s mill,california.The gold rush was important so the people could get rich and buy things they needed.I hope this information was useful for you.

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