Negative and Positive Effects of the Gold Rush

The Gold Rushes were a major turning point in Australian colonial history. The gold rushes lead to a Rapid increase in population, economic growth, the hastening of democratic government and a huge influx of money which made the colonies prosper especially Victoria. All this has made Australia the country we know today.

The discovery of gold in the 1850s started a series of rushes that transformed the Australian colonies. The first discoveries of payable gold were at Ophir in New South Wales by Edward Hargraves claimed to have discovered payable gold, and later gold was found in Ballarat and Bendigo Creek in Victoria. In the two years that followed Edward Hargraves’s discovery at Bathurst, Australia’s population increased to over 540,000. 370,000 immigrants arrived in Australia’s ports during the year 1852 alone. England stopped sending convicts over because Australi8ba was getting wealthy and believed convicts don\’t deserve to be there. Australia was no longer a prison, but more of a gold-filled paradise.

Following the success of finding gold, the gold rush in Australia attracted many immigrants from all over the globe. the Chinese prospectors were perhaps the controversial and most interesting nationality to hit the goldfields. Melbourne has not always been a good place for Chinese immigrants. There were many limitations targeting non – \’white European\’ races. Australia’s national \’desire\’ to become white and to keep other minorities out, this general opinion was called the \’white Australian movement\’ with so many people in one place looking for gold.

The gold rush also affected Australia politically miners demanded the abolition of the License and Gold Commission and the vote for all males. All the miner’s demands were met. The 1854 bill to extend the elective franchise in Victoria required miners to pay 8 pounds for a 12-month mining license and to maintain consistent residency for six months before voting registration could be considered. It was replaced with a scheme that allowed miners to buy a license for one pound and immediately be eligible for voting. With a fair system in place, many were happy.

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