Historical Issues of the Golden Rush


Who wouldn’t want to be rich I know I would want to be rich,but there is a way to get rich, by going to california,sutter’s mill too bad you’re about 150 years late.

But you could also get rich by reading books like this one. If you’re looking for information for the gold rush read this book on The Gold Rush.This book is about how it started and how the gold rush ended.

 How The Gold Rush Started

 Back in 1848 california,sutter’s mill, a man named James Marshall found golden flakes laying on the ground.The gold was supposed to be kept a secret but the news spread quickly. In 1849 a group called the forty-niners came to get the gold,why were they called the forty-niners? you may ask, because they came to the gold rush in 1849, Then the news spread world-wide,so about 90,000 people came to claim gold, also a town was made.                           

What Happened In The Gold  Rush

In 1849 the group called the forty-niners came to go to the gold rush. A guy named thomas had a stash of gold, of course it was hidden but he didn’t keep the stash a secret. He said I have a stash of gold and your never going to find it to everyone, so people began searching for the stash, but later he died. People today are still trying to find it. Some people think its fake, some people think its real. Later in the gold rush people made a town because they needed banks.   

 The Gold Rush Ended

As the years pass by more and more people began to leave because the gold was running out, also more people began to die because the miners get crushed by a lot of things, for example a wall fell down killing 3 people. So people began to leave.  and the town became a ghost town. And now your can tour it, i think.


Now you know some facts about The Gold Rush,You can tell facts about Gold Rush to your friends or family. Recap:James Marshall found gold flakes on the ground. About 90,000 people came. Gold ran out so people began to leave.  

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