Where the Gold Rush Happened


   Have you  ever wondered who found the first peace of gold in the gold rush? These topics are going to teach you about where the gold rush happened, about getting rich in the gold rush, and about the forty niners.   

Where It Happened

             In a small town called Sutter’s mill, California 300,000 people arrived to hunt for gold.The gold rush started in january 24, 1848 and ended in 1855.It also happened in sierra nevada.To get there many people traveled in wagons or horse across the oregon trail also some traveled by ship,some traveled from the tip of south America,it was a very dangerous journey to the gold rush. The majority of the people who came to the gold rush came from England,Ireland,America,China,and Germany.

Getting Rich

             James w. Marshall was the first person to find gold in the gold rush.At first he kept it a secret when people found out that is what started the gold rush.During the gold rush gold seekers stayed in mini camps.That all happened in 1848-1855. Thousands of people got rich during the gold rush. All the thousands of people that got rich in all found 750,000 pounds of gold. So many people got rich the food got expensive it started out cheep the the more and more people got rich the price went up.

Forty Niners

       The forty came from all over the  world. The forty niners are a group of pioneers from Eastern united states. They are called the forty niners because they left their homes to go to the gold rush in california in 1849. The forty niners are very important to the gold rush because most of the people in the gold rush is the forty niners.  


             The topics of where the gold rush happened, about getting rich in the gold rush, and about the forty niners are included in the gold rush, and the gold rush is a very important event in history because the gold helped speed up the admission of California into the US as a state. With this information pace it with at least one person.               

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