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Information Act

Executive Summary The Indian Government, to promote transparency and accountability in the administration processes, brought into force the Right to Information Act on October 12th, 2005. As per the Parliament of India, the purpose of the RTI Act is ‘to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens’[i]. The Act […]

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Problem Questions on Company Law

Question a: A company that formed will create a separate legal entity to conducting business which is protected under the Companies Act 1993 (Companies Office, 2014). When a company is formed, the company will contained some basic elements such as the company’s name which is reserved by Registrar of Companies, at least one share, one […]

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Problem Questions and Answers on Company Law

Coursework 1 Adam, Belle, Claire and Dennis have decided to set up a new company which is private, limited by shares. Section 1 Incorporation Documentation Memorandum of Association (MoA) Under the Companies Act 1985[1] the Memorandum of Association[2] sets out a company’s constitution and objectives. It’s also forms the basis of a company’s existence, by […]

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Problem Question on the Registration of Pharmacists in Malaysia

Ms Rose Mah is a recent graduate from an approved pharmacy school in Malaysia. She decides that she wants to work locally as a registered pharmacist. Describe the process and requirements for registration as a pharmacist in Malaysia. Rose needs to possess a pharmacy qualification recognized by the Pharmacy Board Malaysia. After she checked to […]

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EU Law on Air travel

1. On 15 April 2010, because aircraft risks most of the European airspace was closed down due to the eruption of the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajkull. Denise McDonagh, had reserved a flight from Faro to Dublin[1] for 17 April 2010, was cancelled by an unexpected event as discussed above and did not resume until 22 April […]

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Problem Answers on Criminal Procedure and Evidence Law

(i) In the rules of criminal procedure, a suspected person has no obligation to answer any questions because the burden of proof of a criminal case is at the prosecution side. Therefore Herman can exercise his right of silence which is protected under the Article 11(2)(g) of the Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance (Cap. […]

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Prenuptial Marital Agreements

This essay highlights the aspect of prenuptial marital agreements. A pre-nuptial agreement is an contract made by a couple before they get married or enter into a civil partnership, which assorts how they desire their assets to be shared if they should divorce or have their civil partnership dissolved. Such agreements are divided into three […]

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Power of distribution

In the Estate of Herbert North Summary The answer to the question is that none of the individuals described have authority to act as the situation stands. A representative needs to be appointed before the estate can be administered. Herbert North’s assets will therefore have to be collected in by a court appointed representative and […]

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Case study of potential liability in the law of tort

Introduction In this paper, I will advise Druid Sons Ltd as to its potential liability in the law of tort, specifically in regard to the losses and injuries caused to David and Percy, respectively, by the discharge of excess chemical fumes from its waste treatment plant; and, more generally, in regard to potential claims from […]

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Position Of Rape Laws In India

The Indian Penal Code, 1860 (hereinafter IPC), drafted by T. B. McCauley and his colleague law commissioners, reflected the then prevailing sexual norms in India, criminalized ‘rape’ – a coercive non-consensual (as well as consensual in a set of specified circumstances) sexual intercourse with a woman. S.375 [1] of the Indian Penal Code describes six circumstances in […]

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Pollution law

Question 1 Introduction We will consider water and air pollution. We will look at what causes harm to each of these media. We will then move on to consider the legal provisions in place to counteract or prevent that harm. Water This is mainly concerned with inland and coastal waters and the quality of these […]

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Political Corruption

In the present day and age, corruption has ceased to shock people. Even when Ministers and Bureaucrats are detected engaging in malpractices, they go scot- free due to the reach of their offices and influence they exercise. If anything is done at all, they are given transfers which offer no solution to the problem at […]

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Police Powers of Arrest

Police Powers of Arrest and Detention of Offenders Satisfactory The first police power I will evaluate is the power that custody officers have over detainees. When a police officer arrests someone they will have their reasons for doing so and will have seen or heard what the person has done. Though, when he brings him […]

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Police Culture and Corruption

Introduction A string of media investigations during the 1980s uncovered police corruption in Queensland. Persistent media attention and national interest soon led the Acting Premier of Queensland to commission an inquiry into illegal behaviour and related police misconduct. The subsequent inquiry substantiated reports that corruption did exist and that, worryingly, the corruption was wide-spread and […]

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Personal injury claims

Part 1: BACKGROUND FACTS: In July 2008, Janice Long [JL] instigated personal injury [PI] proceedings against her employer, Business Solutions PLC [BSP], for a back injury which she sustained at its premises in December 2006. JL is claiming for £30,000 in compensation. JL has followed the Pre-Action Protocol for Personal Injury Claims. BSP submitted its […]

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Security interest

Perfection [of a security interest] is not invulnerability The Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (PPSA) regulates the perfection of security interest (SI). A SI is defined as an interest in personal property provided by a transaction to secure payment or performance of an obligation.1 SI is created when it is attached to the collateral where […]

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Inspector of Taxes

Explain the rule in Pepper (Inspector of Taxes) v Hart [1993] AC 593, as it now applies. Evaluate its wisdom. (Look at both sides of the argument). ANSWER Introduction This paper discusses the rule established in the 1993 House of Lords case of Pepper (Inspector of Taxes) v Hart[1] and its current application. The rule […]

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Personal Data Protection Act 2010

Intro of PDPA Regulation of the processing, use and disclosure of the personal data in our country, Malaysia has been a subject of the interest as well as hot debate topic started since the late of 1990s. Even though the use, disclosure and processing of personal data in the certain industries, for example the banking […]

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Islamic Law

Paternity under Islamic Law The paternity of a child can be established through marriage, acknowledgement and evidence under the Islamic law in Malaysia. Paternity of a child should be established in order to determine his or her status as a legitimate child or an illegitimate child. Thus, when a child is born, it is important […]

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The law of omission liability

Critically evaluate whether the law in respect of omissions liability is in need of reform. Given that one may be liable for an offence as serious as murder by omission it is paramount that that liability is clearly defined. Chapter 1 Introduction to Omission Offences capable of being committed by omission Introduction to Murder Introduction […]

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Odor Pollution And Regulation

Humans make decisions, often unconsciously, based on odors. Thus, by the odor we choose a flower and even lately have been found that we choose our couples. However, not all odors smell nice and there are odors that eventually can cause nuisance. The human development and the consequent enlargement of cities, has brought with the […]

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The Arbitration and Conciliation Act

Nigeria is witnessing probably her biggest growth commercially. Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa, its population exceeding over 150 million people. The economy of this huge country is twice the economy of many African countries. In the West Africa region, Nigeria’s economy is about the size of all the member states put together. […]

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Malaysian Company Law

Initially, when a company is in the condition of winding up, section 176 and 177[1] would be helpful to overcome the financial difficulties that have been faced by the company. In another words, section 176 and 177 of the Companies Act 1965 will protect the company from liquidation. Therefore, certain rules and procedures need to […]

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The law on adverse possession

Critically discuss this statement. ANSWER Introduction Adverse possession is known in popular parlance as squatter’s rights. The law on adverse possession concerns the process by which title to real property owned by another party is acquired without the payment of compensation, by, as its name suggests, occupying the property in a manner that conflicts with […]

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Law of Property

In this scenario, there are several parties who have, or who acquire, an interest of some sort in the property known as Greyoaks, a large freehold, registered property. Briefly, the principal parties include the registered proprietor of Greyoaks, Ophelia. As the registered freehold proprietor, it is Ophelia who has the ability to grant the various […]

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Land Registration Act 2002

The Government’s proposals for electronic conveyancing provide for a secure and swift system of transferring title TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Background to the Land Registration Act 20022 Criticisms of Existing Legislation3 The Object of Reform4 IMPLEMENTATION The 2001 Report4 Paper Based Conveyancing Practice5 The Anticipated Model5 Compulsory Use of Electronic Conveyancing6 THE NEW SYSTEM The […]

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issue of interests

The issue of interests which are unknown to the purchaser of land have long been a problem to less cautious buyers. This essay will examine the way in which title of land has not been indefeasible through registration due to the existence of overriding interests and will seek to explain how the new provisions of […]

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Is Jury Nullification Essential Power Or Serious Shortcoming

A key feature of the jury is that it must have impartiality and there is an argument that an accused person has the right to expect that the trial will be conducted by an impartial jury. [1] This is evidentially accurate as the whole concept of jury nullification would be severely undermined if there was a lack […]

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Australian Law

Apply key concepts Assignment semester 1 – 2014 Under the Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) Act Of motor vehicles used by persons who are alleged to have committed certain Offences such as drunk driving, reckless and dangerous driving. The police can Take a vehicle away for 28 days if the person has […]

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The Companies Act 1985: interpritation

Title: The Companies Act 1985 s. 14(1) states: Subject to the provisions of this Act, the memorandum and articles, when registered, bind the company and its members to the same extent as if they respectively had been signed and sealed by each member, and contained covenants on the part of each member to observe all […]

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