Tiger Woods, Ted Bundy and Bernie Madoff: the Three Twentieth Century Individuals Dante Alighieri would Doom to the Inferno for their Ungodly Sins

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Dante's Inferno is a horrible, lurid, and repulsive place manifested by Dante Alighieri, author of the epic the Inferno from The Divine Comedy. Dante's abyss is particularly developed for non-repentive sinners who have committed sins versus humanity. Via using artistic license, Dante handles to ruin individuals from his time period to particular circles within the depths of the intense pit for their sinful behavior. Twentieth century individuals that Dante would certainly doom to the Inferno include Tiger Woods, Bernie Madoff, as well as Ted Bundy for their shocking wrongs.

Tiger Woods would certainly be put in the Second Circle of the Inferno for his disloyal, reckless, and outrageous behavior. Tiger Woods was born upon December 30, 1975 in Cypress, California to Earl as well as Kultida Woods. Woods, now 34, that was married to Elin Nordegren, has two kids, Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel. He is a very successful professional golf enthusiast to this day having actually won fifteen significant titles considering that turning pro in 1996("About"). On November 25, 2009, Woods' very first affair was reported with a New York celebration lady, Rachel Uchitel. Two days later on, Woods collapsed his SUV right into a fire hydrant as well as tree beyond his Florida house at 2:25 am. Minutes later on, cops located and showed up Woods on the ground with his other half, Elin, dominating him. Woods was taken to a healthcare facility, as well as later on that same day, launched a declaration specifying he was in a minor accident, was treated in a hospital, and afterwards was released. After the case, reports were swirling regarding a claimed event and also a residential disagreement with Elin ("Tiger"). Much to the public's discouragement, the rumors were confirmed from mobile phone tapes that taped Woods speaking with his Uchitel. Day in day out, countless extra events were reported as well as his listing of girlfriends grew to fifteen. Likewise, three of the fifteen girlfriends were porn celebrities, among which was Devon James. James declares she bedded with Tiger for two as well as a fifty percent years, and Tiger paid her 2000 bucks of what she called "unclean" sex. James claims she has phone records verifying her case of a partnership with Woods including one that exposes Woods' stating: "I want you to be ny whore" (McShane). Additionally, Woods has actually been linked to porn stars Joslyn James and also Holly Sampson. Woods as well as Elin fulfilled at the Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City, Florida for the execution of their divorce negotiation (Helling).

The lustful in heck, whose activities frequently led them and also their fans to death, are "carnal sinners that subordinate reason to desire" (Inf. 5.38-9). From these activities, it appears that for Dante the line separating lust from love is crossed when one acts upon this misguided wish. Consequently, Tiger Woods would be positioned in the second circle of hell by Dante Alighieri due to his adulteress actions. It exists that he would certainly sign up with Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere that Dante Alighieri already positioned there because of their adultery throughout King Arthur's Court at Camelot "Circle 2").

One more individual that Dante would doom to the Inferno is Ted Bundy. Bundy would be put in the Seventh Circle for Violence for his abhorrent, revolting, and terrible wrongs. Ted Bundy (Theodore Robert Cowell) was born on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont, under the belief that his grandparents were his real moms and dads. In his youth years, Ted Bundy was a captivating and also really handsome man, which conveniently drew in girls to him, but his shyness made him a regular target of intimidation (Jenkins). Ted Bundy was a good pupil in college as well as ultimately ended up being popular as a result of his excellent appearances ("Ted"). When he participated in Washington University, Ted Bundy fulfilled Stephanie Brooks, an affluent woman whom he fell for. Although Bundy passionately liked her, she did not reciprocate that love, and in 1968, the year she finished, she quickly ended their partnership. Bundy's devastation was apparent as well as it is believed that a lot of his future sufferers had lots of physical similarities to Brooks, who became a ifelong obsession of Bundy's. After their connection ended, Bundy quit of university as well as it was at that time that he found that his grandparents, whom he believed were his parents, were not his moms and dads besides, which in fact his sister was his mom, a substantial emotional strike to Bundy.

Also after this devastating information, and to the surprise of his family members, Bundy restored his researches and ended up being an honors trainee in the field of psychology, and after that later on ended up being a charismatic campaigner for the Republican Party. Bundy began a brand-new connection with Meg Anders, however his fascination with Stephanie Brooks proceeded. In 1973, Bundy met up with Brooks once more and she was amazed with the transformation in his lot of money as well as they rekindled their love. Brooks started to think that their partnership might possibly bring about marital relationship, however Bundy cut off all ties with her quickly similarly she had formerly done to him numerous years back. "This retribution brought Bundy little comfort, nonetheless, and his rage was sublimated into a series of harsh attacks on females, who all shared Brooks' attributes" ("Ted").

Bundy apparently blew up, and in 1975, was jailed on a kidnapping charge and was awaiting his test for murder in 1977 when he ran away from custody, making him somewhat of a celebrity. After his getaway, Bundy went on a spree of murder and rape. Bundy strangled and also mutilated his sufferers, showed their lopped-off heads in his house, and also copulated their corpses up until it ended up being excruciating (Chua-Eoan). One night, he broke into a Florida State University sorority house as well as bludgeoned and also suffocated 2 females to fatality, raping one of them as well as completely attacking her on the buttocks as well as on one nipple area, as well as he defeated 2 other women on the head with a log. On February 9, 1978, Bundy eliminated a twelve year old girl, Kimberly Leach, who he kidnapped and mutilated. Paradoxically, Bundy was jailed in 1978 in Pensacola for driving a swiped lorry (Montaldo), and was prosecuted for the murders he had dedicated; he was sentenced to death two times in 1979 for the murder of both sorority sis as well as Kimberly Leach, a twelve year old woman ("1989"). "Despite the scary of his acts, he proposed marriage to as well as wed a former coworker from behind bars" (Chua-Eoan). Furthermore, Bundy received letters from thousands of women fans (Chua-Eoan). "Bundy confessed to 30 murders but admitted in detail to only a handful in a coordinated initiative to trade info for two or three months of life" ("1989"). Eventually Bundy's attempts to control the system stopped working, and also he was executed on January 24, 1989 via electric chair ("1989"). Prior to his implementation, his partner separated him and also took custody of their kid (Chua-Eoan).

Ted Bundy would certainly, according to Dante, be punished to the Seventh Circle for Violence for his unforgivable wrongs where he will certainly join the King of Thrace that killed the Trojan prince, Polydorus for his treasures. It is below that these murderers will be guarded by the Centaurs, guys from the waistline up with lower bodies of horses, as they are immersed in the river of blood. It remains in this river of blood where Ted Bundy will certainly endure for all of infinity ("Circle 7").

Bernie Madoff would certainly be condemned to the eighth circle of heck which is fraudulence because of his Ponzi plan that set you back many people and also companies billions of bucks. Bernie Madoff was born upon April 29, 1938 in Queens, New York a predominately Jewish area ("Madoff"). As a youngster as well as throughout his teen years, Madoff revealed no rate of interest in money ("Bernard"). Bernie Madoff participated in Hofstra University in 1960 and also got a level in political science (Hinton). He married to his senior high school sweetheart, Ruth and they had 2 children, Mark and also Andrew (Hinton). Ruth landed a job on the Stock Market, while Bernie began to study regulation, yet later on he stopped to open his very own investment company- Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC, with his wife. Madoff started to generate an outstanding customer listing that included Steven Spielberg, Kevin Bacon, and also Kyra Sedgwick due to the help of his father-in-law, who brought in clients by word of mouth. Likewise, Madoff's client checklist expanded as his popularity did too, for his ability to continually provide ten percent returns year after year, and also through bad or good times. As his success continued to grow, Madoff Securities began making use of computer technology to create supply quotes which ultimately assisted to create the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, or NASDAQ, which Madoff later offered for as the president of the board 'of supervisors ("Bernard"). Other firms ended up being significantly dubious and also examined Madoff's Bability to pay returns of over ten percent a year for decades, which is what tipped private investigators on Madoff's plan ("Bernard Madoff Biography").

"The Securities as well as Exchange Commission investigated Madoff numerous times throughout the years and hardly ever discovered anything of uncertainty until December 2008. After the supply collision of November 2008, numerous financiers wished to squander their funds. In fact, organizations and also individuals wanted to take out over seven billion dollars from the company, a sum that was difficult to pay" ("Bernie Madoff Biography"). Recognizing that he couldn't repay his financiers with cash that wasn't there, Madoff recommended that the solid pay out incentives ("Bernie Madoff Biography"). The method his scheme functioned was that he would draw in the very first financier 'and also say he can get him a good return and then when it came time for Madoff to return the cash to the initial capitalist, he attracted other financiers to repay the very first financier. This moving of money from one person to another with no real cash in the business, proceeded into a 50 billion dollar Ponzi system. In December 2008, Madoff admitted to his two sons, who helped him, that he had actually been running an enormous fraudulence scheme, as well as they called the authorities. Madoff was jailed the following day and also was charged with an account of fraud. Madoff's Ponzi system, which was the biggest of all-time, afflicted banks, companies, and charities throughout the globe with some recording multi-billion dollar losses (Hinton). Madoff begged guilty to private investigators informing them that the money just merely had not been there. "In June 2009 government judge Denny Chin offered Madoff the optimal sentence of up to 150 years in prison" ("Madoff").

The eighth circle of hell is 2nd to the most affordable circle due to that Dante taken into consideration scams a form of malevolence distinct to people and consequently more upseting to God than wrongs of physical violence. It is here that Dante would certainly put Bernie Madoff for endless time due to his extreme acts of fraudulence. Mr. Madoff will sign up with Benedetto Caetani, a skilled and ambitious scholar of canon law, who climbed promptly through the ranks of the church and also was elected pope. He came to be Pope Boniface VIII, soon after the abdication of Pope Celestine V in 1294. It was believed that Benedetto committed an illegal act versus Celestine to trick him right into relinquishing so he can become pope himself. It remains in this 8th circle which has 10 concentric ditches that Bernie Madoff's as well as Pop Boniface VIII's guilty spirits will certainly endure as well as stay.

Although Dante Alighieri's epic poem the Inferno was written over a century ago, it is apparent that the wrongs that existed after that are still common in today's culture as demonstrated in the activities of Tiger Woods, Bernie Madoff, and also Ted Bundy. Dante would position these people with their historic equivalents of Sir Lancelot, Queen Guinevere, Pope Boniface VIII as well as the King of Thrace in the circles of heck where they will certainly be doomed for all eternity ("Circle 8").

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