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Defunct Company under Companies Act 2013

Defunct Company under Companies Act, 2013 Introduction: A company which is not carrying on any business or which is not in operation is called a defunct company.[i] In a general circular[ii], issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) the defunct companies have been described as that: certain companies have been registered under the Companies […]

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Liability for Murder

Question 1 Charlie attacks Betty with an ashtray, killing her and incurring prima facie liability for murder. The actus reus of murder is causing death which requires that the defendant’s act satisfies factual and legal causation. As there are no competing causes of death, these requirements are established and the actus reus of murder is […]

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The Role of Poison Pill

Discuss the role of poison pill as an anti-takeover measure and its prohibition in the UK under Rule 21 of the Takeover Code When a publicly traded company (offeror) offers to get sufficient shares to acquire control of an alternate company (offeree) for cash or securities is called a takeover (Wild, Weinstein, 2011). If the […]

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Does the Death Sentence Violate the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments

Main Issue Whether the death sentence violates the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments? Relevant Legal Concepts “Reasonable people can differ about whether the ethical judgments embodied in these legislative and judicial decisions should be legally sanctioned as the public policy of the state.” (p. 64) “A person whose behavior is consistent with moral principles is said […]

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Elements of a Valid Contract

Introduction (125 words) We bump into contracts almost every day. Contracts are usually being made orally e.g. boarding a train, purchasing coffee at a shop, purchase cloth at an online store. However occasionally written contracts are sometimes required, such as when buying a car or an apartment. A contract were created because that there is […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2529 Topics: Contract Law

Employees’ Conduct and Freedom of Speech

Carl’s right to be a racist and not be terminated We live in the United States for a reason, and that reason is our freedom. We have many rights, which fall under the United States Constitution, which helps to protect our rights as U.S. citizens. Carl is a hard worker and it seems that he […]

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Employer Obligations Following a Strike

After a strike, does the employer have an obligation to place striking workers back in their prestrike position if there might be violence aimed at them? Diamond Walnut Growers Inc. v. NLRB According to the book “If the employer replaces the strikers with new employees, then once the strike is over, the strikers have a […]

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Engineering Law

The Area of Law The area of common law relevant to tort of negligence will be discussed to determine whether Terry Fagan Mining Pty Ltd is liable to Brendan Yze. Principle of Law Negligence is a tort, which can be dictated as a conduct that are not caused deliberately by defendants to result in another […]

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Equity and Common Law

Equity evolved to cover the cracks within the common law. Over the years it has evolved a separate but parallel set of legal rules which complement the common law. The case of Dudley v Dudley illustrates this by announcing that ‘Equity…does not destroy the law, nor create it, but assist it’[1]. The common law was […]

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The Compatibility of an Established Church System

  Introduction This essay will look to analyse the compatibility of an established church system alongside democracy in the 21st Century. Oliva notes that the “whole debate about establishment has concentrated on the English situation”[1] and the position and role of religious figures and bodies such as bishops and the Church of England (CofE) will […]

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Which Law should Take Priority?

Research Essay           APPENDIX A: RESEARCH ESSAY                       In situations of conflict between EU law and National law, which law is to prevail? The European Union treaty is mostly silent on which legal authority should be followed in situations of conflict […]

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The Law of Tort in a Factual Situation

Introduction This task will evaluate the impact of the law of tort on ABS chemical plant in a given situation. Scenario You work on the Legal Team for ABS Chemical Plant, it is your role to advise the Company Directors and Management on any legal issues that arise within the company. Advice has been requested […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1751 Topics: Tort

Examining a Witness; Memory Refreshing

“The rules relating to refreshing memory allow a witness, who has forgotten everything about an incident, to still provide testimony. To that extent it subverts the purpose of examining a witness as it means they cannot be properly questioned about their recollection since they are testifying about what they are reading and not what they […]

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Letter of Advice

Dear Sir, RE: ADVICE ON ALLEGATIONS MADE AGAINST YOU. We have received your email on17th December 2014 and are now pleased to advise you on the matter. 2.0MATERIAL FACTS 2.1That you had received a document from a man in uniform due to the complaint made against you by the public for causing a nuisance while […]

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Changing Traditions and Definitions

In order to answer this question one must first assess and consider the law relating to the family unit. This will require an in-depth analysis of the rationale behind the judgment of Re G[1], and whether the law has enhanced the changes in social normality and whether this should be promoted or restricted in its […]

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Fiduciary Duties

Question One Fiduciaries have important obligations and duties some of which have been stretched to encompass areas which have not traditionally formed part of the duties. This assignment will explore some of these duties and discuss whether or not they have been stretched to there limit. It will be concluded that fiduciary duties are particularly […]

Pages: 10 Words: 2961 Topics: Duty

Forecasting Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism

FORECASTING DIGITAL CRIME AND DIGITAL TERRORISM Forecasting Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism Trends Introduction The ongoing cyber-criminal threats all around the United States result in major financial losses. Cyber-crimes also have an impact on the critical substructure of an organization such as supply chain and intellectual property matters. Thus, various critical infrastructures face a major […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1747 Topics: Crime, Terrorism

Forensic Science and Miscarriages of Justice Article Review

Forensic Science and Miscarriages of Justice: Some Lessons from Comparative experiences Introduction “Forensic Science and Miscarriages of Justice: Some lessons from Comparative experiences” It is written by Kent Roach, is Professor of Law at University of Toronto. He is former Director of Research for the Inquiry into Pediatric Forensic Pathology in Ontario (2008). The article […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2720

Growth of Real Estate in Dubai

Growth of Real estate in Dubai Dubai residential property market is improving and growing. It started way of growing since 2008 – 2014. Especially after UAE won expo 2020, it brings more investors and visitors. Everyday there are new project launches. Everything gets sold out in few days. The rules and conditions for buyers are […]

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Human Rights in Theory and in Practice

Human rights are based on values, which are broadly, if not universally, shared and are gradually converging towards a common set of standards that can be accepted and enforced. Nonetheless some query whether these ambitions, however admirable, are reflected in the realities of practice. Jeremy Bentham stated that ‘from real laws come real rights; but […]

Pages: 7 Words: 1991 Topics: Human Rights

ICT and the Law

ICT and the Law 1.Cybercrime in the UK: Cybercrime, is a growing problem for law enforcement agencies worldwide; what actions can be taken against such criminal activity in the UK and are there any implications regarding an individual’s rights? Cybercrime, or ‘computer misuse’, is defined by the Computer Misuse Act 1990 as recently amended by […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1804

The Sale of Goods Act 1979

Long established precedents exhibited a contradiction made amid a sale of distinct items against one of goods by depiction. The former necessitating the purchaser to examine the goods and rely on personal awareness: caveat emptor, while the latter evincing the reflection of the goods with their contractual specifications. In a sale of unrecognized goods, reference […]

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Indian Constitutional Law

Such commissions are appointed to ensure that administration of the state is carried on in accordance to the provisions of the Constitution. However, the abuse of this power for political purposes cannot be ruled out. In his dissenting judgment in State of Karnataka v Union of India[i], the learned Judge held that such enquiry commission […]

Pages: 10 Words: 2975 Topics: Indian Culture, Political

Industry and Employment Law in the UAE

TABLE OF CONTENT Executive Summary The UAE keeps up a position as the significant exchange and venture center point for a huge geographic district, which incorporates the Middle East and North Africa, as well as South Asia, Central Asia, and Sub Saharan Africa. The nation positioned nineteenth in the World Economic Forum’s 2013 2014 Global […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2471 Topics: Employment

Inequality in Aviation Law

Research Proposal: 1. Title: Legal and institutional obstacles to international commercial aviation cargo claims against shippers, consignees and parties claiming under their title. 2. Background and outline of the research problem: The fact that the exchange of goods and services is an important aspect of human life is beyond controversy; that activity dates back to […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2180 Topics: Inequality

Debate on Open Source Software

Intellectual Property Debate on Open Source Software TABLE OF CONTENTS S. No. Titles Page Number Introduction 5 Intellectual Property Dilemma 5 Copyright Protection 7 Patent Protection 9 Trademark Protection 10 Trade Secret 10 Conclusion 11 INTRODUCTION Digitalization has led to a movement towards redefinition of poverty: poverty no longer to be identified in terms of […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2273 Topics: Intellectual Property

The Doctrine of Equivalents

INTRODUCTION Before discussing the doctrine of equivalents it is necessary to understand its origin and the reasons which lead to the application of the doctrine in the patent law cases. The Doctrine of Equivalents is a doctrine which was judicially originated by the U.S courts. There are various reasons behind establishment of the doctrine by […]

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Intention and Motive in Criminal Law

Critically assess the ways in which the judges have differentiated between the concepts of intention and motive in the criminal law In lay terms “intention” and “motive” are often employed interchangeably and without apparent distinction. This cannot be said to be so in the criminal law. Smith[1], commenting upon intention, states: “It might be expected […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1072 Topics: Criminal Law

International Criminal Law Synopsis

International Criminal Law Synopsis The International Criminal Court is an official organisation that has been formed as a politically independent judicial establishment to act against the most serious crimes containing, Crimes against Humanity, Genocide and War crimes (International Criminal Justice, 2014a, and 2014b). The political freedom of the organisation has been interrogated as the relationships […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1303 Topics: Criminal Law

International Human Rights

Assignment Question The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969 allows states to provide for reservations in treaties under certain circumstances. However reservation effecting Human Rights has been contentious even if parties to the treaties are in agreement to the provisions of the reservations to the treaty. Discuss. Table of Content No. Content Page […]

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