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Essay on Marvel History

Not many of us know about the history of Marvel. It seems like their movies have been in existence for several decades. We all know their movies have gained millions of dollars at the box office, but it turns out that Marvel was not alway successful. Marvel had to work their way up to become […]

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Marvel Vs Dc Compare and Contrast

Introduction Are any of you into superhero movies? If so, do you want to see Captain Marvel or Aquaman more? As an avid Marvel fan, I definitely want to see Captain Marvel more than I want to see Aquaman, a DC movie. Because these superhero movies are coming out soon, I want you to know […]

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Why is Superhero Genre so Important?

Everyone has fears, inner demons resulting in anxiety, doubt and pain. Is everyone strong enough to face hard situations that could make one think he/she is alone with no one understanding you? Yes, you can because you are not alone.There is a new form of therapy being used these days to help children and young […]

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Orphans as Superheroes: Batman, Spiderman and Superman

Superheroes as Orphans         Three of the most well known superheroes, Batman, Spiderman and Superman are all orphans. The loss of their parents is a defining moment in the lives of each of these characters. In both literature and film, orphaned characters are very common. This type of background provides many opportunities for deep character […]

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Batman: a Great Superhero

Being a hero in any given society entails being in a position to achieve extraordinary actions, which provide overall good to the community. Therefore, for an individual to be labeled a hero, they must have accomplished something by risking their lives to ensure the wellbeing of the society regardless of whether the action is viewed […]

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Movie “Avengers: Infinity War” 

One of the best movies out there is “Avengers: Infinity War.” The Avengers are a team of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The Avengers are a group of heroes that have been in serious battles with dangerous opponents. Most of the team have powers and are the strongest and bravest heroes on the planet. First, we […]

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Wonder Woman Literary Analysis 

It’s important to identify how the fundamental aspects of interpreting the literature that are from different time periods and cultures throughout several nations across the world reflect on the film’s intentions for the audience to understand. The issues presented in the film are intended to help the audience become adjusted to the transnationalism that is […]

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Superheroes in Watchmen

Within much of the traditional superhero genre, there is often a depiction of someone who is strong, and powerful and fights against evil to protect those they care about from injustices. Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes not only because of his super abilities but the way he uses those abilities to always […]

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Popularity of Superhero Comics

Superhero comics have been popular and on the market for decades; dating back to 1934 when Mandrake the Magician was created; few years later the well known Superman. These heroes were perfect; they had no flaws to what they could do and always won. But there was someone who was unsatisfied with that; someone who […]

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Why do we Love Superheroes?

Do you like Deadpool? if you don’t then you probably have another favorite Hero.In this story we will talk about why we are obsesed with Superheros.                 One reason we love Superheros according to is because we are obsessed with their power.Also acorrding to the slide share we americans are obsessed with heros because […]

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Comparison of Captain America and Superman

 Last few days, I had a chance to read an article named What makes Superman so darned American? written by Gary Engle. He concluded that Superman embodies the values of American because he is referred as a first immigrant in the US, the icon that every US citizens dream to become. But his arguments sound […]

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My Attitude to Superheroes

Do you like superheroes? They Were going to fight to see who will be the king of Wakanda and then they start fighting but before they start fighting they give black panther a purple drinking juice and then they started fighting and black panther beat opponent. And then black panther got to see his dad […]

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My Beloved Superhero: Thor

Do you like superhero’s? I like Thor because he makes lightning come out of his hammer, he flies, he is brave and when someone detects battling and shooting he is there to stop the battling and shooting. Thor battles without guns he uses his hammer as a shield  Do you like superhero’s? I like Thor […]

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Superman as my Favorite Superhero

Do you like superheroes? If you are like most American, you probably do. Why are we obsessed with superheroes? Well I am going to tell you about my favorite superhero Superman. Do you like superman as much as I do? Well, if no do you like another superhero? I like superman because he can fly […]

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Black Pather as my Favorite Superhero

Do you like black pather like me he s so good  he helps people like me he is a graet king he show you it does not mater what you look like or what color you are if you don’t like black panther what superhero like.Why are americans are so obsessed with people try […]

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Phenomenon of Superheroes in America

I am obsessed with superheroes because of their strength, and bravery. Do you like superheroes if you do Glenpool is one of my favorites? Like you probably like her if you don’t I like her as a superhero and I’m sure you like someone else and you’re probably saying why do you like Glenpool instead […]

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Popularity of Superheroes in Modern World

Hey yea you there do you like so many ”kind’s” of superhero’s well you came to the right place we will be talking about of all ”kinds.Like” the most one that people loved back in the day and let’s see why people loved superhero’s like. American’s do so much and you get to see what […]

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Why are Superheroes so Popular?

Do you like surperheroes? Deadshot saved the world he is good and bad at the same time. Every time he killed someone he made millions of money one time he killed the president he made 1 billion of dollars. A other thing why he is my favorite is because he never missed a shot ever […]

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Addiction to Superheroes in America

Do you like superhero’s? If you are like most Americans you proabably do and that’s amazing. Why are we obsessed with hero’s? I will tell you my favorite superhero it’s Sipder-man. I love Spider-man because he is very funny to people and he fights when he jokes around. Spider-man has he’s power to climb things […]

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Race, Gender, and Social Class in Batman Movie

Multiculturalism and diversity are the two fastest growing elements in today’s film industry. Nonetheless, race, class and gender representation seems to the three biggest factors that determine a film’s box office in many genres. However, one exception is superhero movies. For my film review project, I have chosen The Dark Knight, second and the most […]

Pages: 2 Words: 736 Topics: Movie, Superhero

Why Americans are Obsessed with Superheros?

According to the movie superman VS batman. Do you like super man? if not do you have a favrite super hero. Nobody thought he would be alive when he died from criponite but he was alive after the attack of the monster. But other people knew that he was alive. because at the end of […]

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Why we Love Superheros According to Psychology

Heroes assume significant parts at the intrapersonal, relational, and social levels. For some, heroes are helpful good models that show phenomenal boldness and carry on with significantly significant lives. Since the most punctual scholarly works, heroes have been praised and adored (e.g., Epic of Gilgamesh), and they possess an important spot in numerous social orders. […]

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Americans and Superhero Industry

He flies into danger and support’s people that need it he’s the guy that has super strength. For example, if someone was in a building, he will shake it up till the villan say’s he give’s up he can’t handle it. Also he’s the guy that’s really fast if someone was it danger he can […]

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Why Americans are Obsessed with Superheroes?

No one thought she could do it, but Wonder Woman charged across the front line towards the Nazis with nothing more than a shield, a sword, and the lasso of Hestia. She single-handedly abolished the most dangerous army and their machine guns when the allied forces had been stuck for a year. She did it […]

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Do Superheros have their own Identity?

Rodman Philbrick’s Freak the Mighty holds a dynamic duo, much like Sketch and LoneStar. Freak and Max covered for each other’s weaknesses, Freak for brains and Max for legs. Also, Freak protects Max from his father as Max protects Freak from The Doghouse Gang’. LoneStar and Sketch fend for each other, helping defy each weakness […]

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Analyzing the Depiction of the Female Superhero

A superhero tends to fit most of the classic patterns of heroism in Western culture (Inge 142). These superhumans are said to possess, including but not limited to, superhuman capabilities such as psychokinesis, immortality, precognition, or even omnipotence. As kids, we would look up to these ideal representations and wish that someday, a part of […]

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