Do Superheros have their own Identity?

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Rodman Philbrick’s Freak the Mighty holds a dynamic duo, much like Sketch and LoneStar. Freak and Max covered for each other’s weaknesses, Freak for brains and Max for legs. Also, Freak protects Max from his father as Max protects Freak from The Doghouse Gang’. LoneStar and Sketch fend for each other, helping defy each weakness for their strength. All superheroes have both strengths and weaknesses and if I were a superhero i’d be called Sketch.                                               

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“Do Superheros have their own Identity?”

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One of Marvel’s famous superheros are Doctor Strange, he has a mighty backstory and a very interesting personality. Doctor Strange or so called Stephen Strange was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he may not have a job at the moment but he was once a doctor and is a full  time superhero. A car accident was the cause of the end of his profession as a surgeon due to severe nerve impair.  The pain he suffered prevented him from performing his surgeon duties. He was left, unable to hold  a scalpel and anticipation for a marvel to help him. Furthermore, after the car accident a despondent Stephen departed to the Himalayas to get advice from the Chosen One a Tibetan warlock. Doctor Strange’s identity, Stephen Strange,  is known in his town, the rest of the world considers him to be outlandish obscure person.  Though, Stephen Strange is a very clever and astute man, he is often conceited, which society judges him with thoroughly for.

A very interesting story about me, the mighty Sketch and my best partner LoneStar, it all started on a foggy night. Me and Lola were hanging out, a sleepover generally. Lola was pushing me to go outside, and she knew I was scared of the dark. Lola finally got her wish and squealed, Yes! then closed the door on me and her, we were stuck outside in the freezing cold!

Dang it Lola! I yelled, angered by the fact that this was her idea.

Lola and her tired self, forgot shoes I gave her mine because I  am responsible. I fiddled with the sleeve of my t-shirt, letting out a low sigh, fog coming from my mouth. My teeth chattered as  Lola finally broke the awkward silence with a loud yell as a drop of rain hit my nose, and I thought this couldn’t get any worse. Lola ran and took shelter in the garage, rain now pouring down making a lot of annoying sounds on the metal roof. I immediately regret coming outside, my teeth chattering like one of those fake teeth toys. Lola looked over, her blond wavy hair and rippling blue eyes, priced with the cold breezes of the storm. I on the other hand, has far less tame hair, my brown hair going everywhere, in my eyes, up my nose, and even in my mouth! My pale skin with darker freckles had goosebumps my hazel eyes far less attractive than Lola’s blue eyes, were nearly closed wind feeling like it was smacking me in the face.  I took out my sketchpad and pencil along with my brand new pink eraser, and stormed out of the garage, and to the front door, grabbing a card from my pocket and opening the door. I ran inside, dripping wet Lola following close behind me, I sat down next to my tablet I use for sketching and I plugged it into the outlet. I begun sketching when I felt a jolt of energy hit my hands as I heard lightning strike outside, I dropped it as it said, Error occured please wait while we try to fix it’ and I mumbled and restarted the tablet, when that wouldn’t work I called for Lola, Lola was a computer wiz and knew just about everything you ever could about my tablet. Lola grabbed it and squeaked as she pulled back, her whole body shaking I asked, What’s wrong, Lola?

I-it shocked me! Lola whispered, as her body stopped shaking from shock.

I was bewildered and spoke under my breath, Me too  this was a true eye opener.

I got up and paced around the room then went to check something, I drew a heart on the paper sketch book I had and…it appeared right in front of me! I moved my hands and it moved with my hands. I snapped my fingers and…it froze in it’s spot, I reached out to touch it, the heart was stiff and hard. Just as I was examining the heart in the hallway I heard Lola yell from my room, I left the heart and forced myself to run into my room, panting like a dog. Lola stared at the wall…wait a second! There was no wall. I shook my head my head begun to hurt as I yelled, Really,Lola?! Are you serious how the- she cut me off by erasing my dresser!

My jaw dropped as I felt so mad, I could burst into flames. I quickly redrew the wall, along with a sloppy looking dresser. I let out a shaky sigh, Lola looked shocked and backed up to the wall and slid down gently her hands holding her head. I mumbled something before walking over to her, my bare feet making a tapping noise on the crisp wood. I placed my hand on her shoulder and spoke softly, You know what this means…right? We can be superheros! Just like we dreamed when we were younger…just the two of us. I spoke in a lowered tone, she raised her head just to meet my unattractive hazel eyes.

Yea…just the two of us! Lola yelled and jumped up, wrapping her lengthy arms around my small frame.

Mmm I made a quiet muffled noise as she said oops’ and backed off.

I backed up from her strangling grasp, letting a gasp of relief out. I begun to think, if we are going to be superheros then we need super suits. I opened my mouth to talk and then I started to draw a suit shape blob in the air, thinking of what I wanted it to look like. I made a sharp electric blue and a smooth pale green. The blue lined the mask and made triangle shapes on my suit, the light green colored in the mask and filled in the rest of the triangle shapes on my suit. I made one for Lola to, her was a popping pink color making cool flower patterns all over it, a light yellow being the base of her suit. I made them quickly, rushing my drawing skills I dropped both on the ground letting a slow unsteady sigh escape my throat. She squealed and changed into her suit as I changed into mine. 

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