Superman as my Favorite Superhero

Do you like superheroes? If you are like most American, you probably do. Why are we obsessed with superheroes? Well I am going to tell you about my favorite superhero Superman. Do you like superman as much as I do? Well, if no do you like another superhero? I like superman because he can fly and is super strong. And I like that he helps people and not kill them. And I like when he saves the world.

Americans are obsessed with superheroes because they are powerful according to slide share. Some superheroes can fly faster than a plan and some superheroes can run up buildings because of how fast they are. Some superheroes can lift a building up because of how strong they are. People want to be superheroes to have powers and be able to fly, run fast or be super strong.

Americans love superheroes because they are brave. According to a YouTube video, Why We Love Them, superheroes go to stop a crime even if they are tired or hurt. Superheroes always fight bad guys. A superhero will do anything to save the world. Superheroes go in burning buildings to save people they don’t care if there is more then 10 people in the building they try save all of them. Superheroes fight people even if they have guns.

Americans are obsessed with superheroes because they help people according to a picture of Superman. Superman was telling kids at school that if they hear people be mean to a school mate or anyone because of his or her religion, race or national origin to not wait go tell him or her that is not something nice to say to anyone. Superheroes help both black and white people they don’t care what color people are they still help them. Superheroes help everyone in need of help.

Americans love superheroes because they save people. According to a YouTube video, Whe We Love Suprheroes According To Psychology, superheroes save people by killing a villain. Superheroes breaks cars, buildings and other stuff to save people. Super heroes get hurt alot to save people they even start to bleed.

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