Batman: a Great Superhero

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Being a hero in any given society entails being in a position to achieve extraordinary actions, which provide overall good to the community. Therefore, for an individual to be labeled a hero, they must have accomplished something by risking their lives to ensure the wellbeing of the society regardless of whether the action is viewed as being unlawful. As long as a given action achieves the highest good, it is perceived to have a positive influence on the welfare of society members. Vigilantism is an application of justice in a manner deemed sufficient by the vigilante. Batman is a hero because he is typically an idealist who wholeheartedly believes in the ability for society to improve.  He goes above and beyond to catch criminals and to save lives, so regardless of the steps undertaken in finding truth, the end justifies the means.

Batman and Child. Every life is worth saving.            

To achieve an unprecedented success when taking risks, significant damage is likely to occur. Despite the actions taken by a Batman, the decision to achieve a common goal that has the interests of majority at heart is essential to consider and thus forms the basis of active development within the society. The manner in which justice is achieved through a focus on vigilantism varies significantly since the emphasis on public opinion does not integrate elements of law entirely based on the action that has been done. Batman is a unique character who risks his life in maintaining order and safety within the Gotham city. The primary objective of Batman was to ensure that the society is safe from criminals. Vigilantism takes into consideration voluntary actions undertaken by an individual with a specific aim of effecting justice. Batman makes his efforts across the city as a vigilante who does not take much consideration into his actions as long as he can achieve his target.

Being a superhero is a unique title that takes significant focus on the actions that an individual can undertake while maintaining the greater emphasis on the societal wellbeing. The superhero context has been developed mainly within the united states and thus provide a greater focus on the extraordinary acts that individuals can consider in improving the wellbeing of majority within the society. An essential element that contains a critical emphasis on the role of Batman's superhero is based on justice his way. The perception of citizens regarding vigilantism is based on revenge, and thus the public has an opinion that the rule of law does not consider the exact issues since the focus on fair and just process derails the need to have a successful application of the law and ensure that justice is served. The real difference and perception of fairness within the public have a crucial role in determining how the public perceives the role of vigilante (Comerford, 18).

Therefore, revenge and vengeance are two critical aspects that influenced Batman in declaring war against criminals within the city. The underlying common interests that he has with the community plays a crucial role in making his actions popular among citizens. The support that Batman receives shows that the entire society supports his efforts.  A common trait among superheroes is that they have superpowers. However, Batman relies on his natural intellect, wealth and support from city residents.

According to Francis, the Superhero comic has significantly developed across the society from an American perspective. The new way of thinking is essential in defining the current focus on the relationship that exists among individuals within a societal context. The comic books have been specially developed with an emphasis on vigilantes as individuals who are guided by their deeds and ability to act based on the understanding of the public. Thus, the more significant public support on vigilantism is due to the current common interests. The critical consideration of essential elements provides a greater understanding on the significant roles which play a crucial role in creating a diverse society that is based on critical evaluation of the decisions that are made by individuals within the community (Francis, 21).

The superhero comics provide a very different understanding of essential elements, which are advanced across different spectrums of societal development. The American society has largely embraced vigilantism due to their understanding of justice and what is considered as being justice. The understanding on important focus on equal punishment for a given crime committed has been critical in defining better focus on essential concepts, which represent the ability to understand what needs to be considered in achieving positive change within the society. Lynching and torture of criminal offenders was a common occurrence within the historical American community and was intensely developed within the context of superhero (Francis, 28).

An important aspect that has been integrated into superhero emphasis on the fact that Batman is from a wealthy family. The challenges that the society has affects everyone, and no one regardless of their wealth is immune to social injustices within the community especially considering the level of crimes. Batman's parents are killed when they are walking home from Monarch Theater.  They are murdered in front of Batman, and it is one of the reasons that make Batman swear to get rid of evil from the city. This aspect is essential in providing a critical focus on issues within the society as well as crucial matters affect individuals within the community regardless of their social classes (Bainbridge, 31).

Batman has an option of improving his security because his is from a wealthy family but is guided by social justice in his decision to protect the city. The decision to protect the town from evil was a personal decision capped with the underlying need for vengeance for the murder of his parents. The comic books in most cases are developed based on hero vs. villain type of relationship. The superheroes are viewed as good people who risk their lives for the wellness of the society in which they live in. The right thing to do is based on an individual perspective when considering the actions of superheroes. The decision that has ultimate good for the society regardless of the steps followed to achieve the end. As long as the results are good and supported by majority and action is considered valid and considered ethical (Francis, 39).

The destruction that is caused by Batman is a critical issue which raises questions regarding the underlying focus on to achieve a better understanding of fundamental concepts which define positive change within the society. Many feel that significant amount of destruction would have been prevented even though the outcome was embraced. The damage that is caused to the community is much higher compared to the actions that are undertaken by Batman is his attempt to clear evil off the city. Therefore it is critical to understand that the decisions that are made by Superhero characters can be controversial especially the process that is used to embrace justice.

According to Reyns et al., media has been focused on crime, criminals and the criminal justice system which has failed to address essential elements that define positive change. Justice entails the use of the legal approach to solving issues within the society. Comic books have also focused on creating a better consideration on essential concepts that define positive change within the community. The illustration of these concepts provides a fundamental understanding of important elements, which define positive change. Media is considered as an essential element that promotes the existing elements within the society. The issues that are deemed necessary are profoundly depicted in media and culture (Reyns et al., 23).

Comic books have played a key role in advancing the notion of superheroes. Comic books and graphic novels from the modern-age (the mid-1980s to present) of comics were  examined to understand better how crime and justice are portrayed in  comic books." The development of these concepts is based on critical understanding of the actions that are undertaken by a superhero in achieving a given positive result for the community (Reyns et al., 37).

Batman and The Joker both experienced traumatic deaths in their family, but they both made different choices. Batman stands for justice and disciplines the corrupt and evil. The joker, on the other hand, believes in the social order destruction. He murders innocent people and blows up hospitals to prove that anyone is capable of being dragged down to his level. The actions of Batman are heroic and based on vigilantism considering the purpose of his works in controlling the rate of evil within his city. The assistance he gets from different players in the town shows the overwhelming support that he gets which is a significant indication that they support his actions regardless of the procedure that is undertaken in finding justice for the city. Batman is very different from the Joker in the manner he executes his plans which makes it easier to develop positive relationships with the community based on his actions because he embraces vigilantism in the city.

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