Why do we Love Superheroes?

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Do you like Deadpool? if you don't then you probably have another favorite Hero.In this story we will talk about why we are obsesed with Superheros.

                One reason we love Superheros according to www.debate.org is because we are obsessed with their power.Also acorrding to the slide share we americans are obsessed with heros because of their powers.For example when wonder woman went in to fight the Nazis and she singlehandedly rescued over 100 men.Another example is superman immigrated to earth and he was powerful that probably is the reason some people like superman. Another example is the black panther because he is rich,athletic,and powerful and again that is probably why most people like the black panther.

                Another reason why we love the myth gods of America is because they are always there when we need them.Acorrding to the circle map some americans like Superheros because they are always there during rough times. For example the black panther came to life when we had civil rights and people of color come into the comics.Another example is wonder woman because she was created during womans liberation. Another example is captain America when he fought and defeated hitler in the world war 2. Another example is when the x-men fought to be against society.

                The reason I as a human are obsessed with Superheros is because they give me hope.Acorrding to myself I am obsessed with Superheros because they give me hope. For example when I was going through some negative times they gave me hope. Another example is when me and my cousin get in a fight we would stop in the middle of it and talk About our favorite Superheros and why their our favorite. Another example is when my siblings fight I would stop them and calm them down by talking about marvel characters. Another example is when people try to make fun of me I would just walk away and think about Superheros.

                We are obsessed with Superheros because they give us hope and we are obsessed with Superheros because of their power and because they are always there when we need them.That is the reason we are obsessed with Superheros.

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