Why are Superheroes so Popular?

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Do you like surperheroes? Deadshot saved the world he is good and bad at the same time. Every time he killed someone he made millions of money one time he killed the president he made 1 billion of dollars. A other thing why he is my favorite is because he never missed a shot ever in his life that's why he always makes a lot of money. A lot of super heroes have powers we all say wow I wish I had that power so they can save the world and be famous. You don't have to have powers to be a super hero like batman green lantern and dead shot they just made or found gadgets to make them fight crime! For example Batman has a lot of guns like dead shot to they also have ropes and knifes. Also a other reason we  obsessed with super heros. Is that we want to be differen't then others they want to do some good for there lives and be strong and famous. Or mabey some times take over the world...

One other reason we are obsessed with super heroes is that their are movies and we wish their were real beacuse we all know superheros. Are not real so we just wach the movies and hope for the future. Superheroes have meanings because a lot of things happened like the war of Hitler how Aaptain America punched Hitler in the face in the comic book!

Like a meaning of a superhero is like black panther was the first ever black super hero ever and wonder woman was the first woman super hero so for example they are saying black people can be a super hero and women can be a super hero the meaning is that they are saying is everybody in the world can be a super heroe. Sadly when there was a war with china and they gave up and let the usa win the fight and super heroes didn't really inspire us so super heroes were dead and basically boring. But then there was new superheros coming like x-man and fanstastic 4 that was pretty much it and super heroes was kind of getting popular again so everything was OK at the time. Now this is the year of 2015 there is a new movie called suicide sqad they are good and bad these are the people that are in it harly qween dead shot a guy that have fire powers his name is the king of hell and a other guy his name is litterly a beast... they are basically bad and good they helped save the world they all got time off there sentence but i still think it is not fair because they helped save billions of lives but at the end of the movie the joker breaks out harly queen! That just made people want to watch super hero movies/comics even more they just wanted to see what happens next.

When suicide squad was made there was more movies that was going to the public like "captain" vs. Iron man and Batman vs. Superman I was crazy for people because what if they liked both super heroes so much and watched them fighting so so many people were watching. These movies and so nervous about what was going to happened they were sad and happy the reason why I said happy because what if they like only super man or Batman, iron man and captain America who knows? That movie was so stressful but at the end of the movie and Batman vs. Superman basically Batman killed super man and he won but at the end it showed his grave and showed us his cape and it was left there and it was a sigh that... he was alive! So that made even more people obsessed with super heroes one thing that i  learned I that super heroes will always return to help the world and save the world.

 Super heroes are like never ending people like they were made out have metal or something they also help the homeless to they help every single one of us. If anyone like anything if they were real I would tell them thank you for everything for what they done also if they were real they would make to world so much better and make the world a better place. "There has actually been fair  and events like there was big, huge balloons in the New York fair you could dress up as a super hero if you wanted to as well and people would paint you face to!  a lot of people went to the fair and had fun and got obsessed with super heroes.

One other reason we all like superheroes is like kids or men or girls or women if they have cancer they could fight their cancer and be inspired by being a superheroes if makes their parents happy and enjoying superheroes help save lives. Marvel, DC was a major hit they have made billions of dollars just for making movies the community started minor but now is is a major company. Superheroes have been around since 1935 an has giving us entertainment since they have loved us and we have loved them they convinced us the not give up and to be strong superheroes have major hearts they would do anything to save us and the world.

One more reason why Americans are obsessed with superheroes is because they have power. According to the picture these reasons. Next, they liked superheroes because Americans only like their power because they don't have some another people don't have power that is why they are obsessed with superheroes. Black panther has been created ever since there was a major problem with racism by that I mean martin Luther king jr's time. He changed everything and that's how he got created black panther was the first ever black man to ever be in a superhero movie and that made even more people like superhero movies because there was no ever black superhero in made black people want to watch it. And it made a big difference to the superhero community and made the black community happy. Next we have DC we have the flash joker Batman and like those type of people let's talk about the flash. The flash is the fastest man in the world as soon you shoot gun at him he moves it out of the way and points it at you. He made atleasts to don't give up you could do anything as long if you believe and he made people happy if there disabled and to not give up to.

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