Addiction to Superheroes in America

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Do you like superhero's? If you are like most Americans you proabably do and that's amazing. Why are we obsessed with hero's? I will tell you my favorite superhero it's Sipder-man. I love Spider-man because he is very funny to people and he fights when he jokes around. Spider-man has he's power to climb things around the city and swings to look for people if they need help too. Spider-man loves working with other heros like Iron-man and the others American hero's. Spider-man is an amazing kid but not just any kid he is a hero to others too and that's why we call him the amazing Sider-Man.

   Some superhero's are created to be what people need and the people of color are in the comic books and that why we have more action to the superhero's. Some superhero's like spider-man is a kid with web powers who loves being a superhero but not just a kid. Some superhero's like Superman he immigrates to Americans and is powerful. And now superhero's are now to fight the invisible force and they were gods of the American myths. Black Panther was created to the civil rights movement and Wonder Women was created during the Liberation. All superhero's have a lot of bravery in them and they have great action the fight the evil crime fighters. Some people want power's just like the superhero's, according to Why We obsessed With Superhero's and also some superhero's control their lives too. They have so many strength in them, according to Why We Love Superhero's.

    People really love all superhero's, and some "superhero's can change the world" in the early 20th they had tons of superhero's. And some hero's could have a lot of strength in them. Some female women can be hero's that have different skin color just like Black Panther and he is still a hero to his country and the other's too. They struggle when they fight crime according to "Why American's Love's Superhero's" because they have the power to help people in the world. And superhero's are from different countries and there are lot's of stories about the hero's in the world. Superhero's became very important to America because they have amazing power's to help people all around the world. People think that superhero's could restore hope of people, according to "Why We Love Superhero's to Psychology". They try to do the right thing saving people, and Bat-Man doesn't have any power's but he is a hero to other's. An that's why we learn about them and what kind of superhero's we have in America we all have different kinds of superhero's we like in the world.

And one more thing, people could be superhero's just like the real one's and learning about them too. Some people like being superhero's in real life. So no wonder why American's love superhero's and dress like them to. Superhero's are amazing to other's as well just like my favorite superhero Sider-man he is very kind to other's in the world and you have favorite heroe's in the world too and learning about them as well just like me. People think that they can't be superhero's but they can. That's why we love superhero's and learning about them.

That's why we are obsessed with the heroes so much and have amazing power's. They also could help people around the whole world just like my favorite superhero Spider Man. He saves a lot of people all around the world. So no wonder why we are obsessed with superhero's in America here. Now we love learning about them all of them even our favorite superhero's and knowing them more. And don't forget that they are very helpful to other's for people in the world even our favorite superhero's.

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