Americans and Superhero Industry

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He flies into danger and support’s people that need it he’s the guy that has super strength. For example, if someone was in a building, he will shake it up till the villan say’s he give’s up he can’t handle it. Also he’s the guy that’s really fast if someone was it danger he can fly super fast if anyone is in trouble.  Last he has laser eyes if you were in trouble in a building that was locked and metal he would use his laser eyes to free you.

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“Americans and Superhero Industry”

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American are obbssesed with superheros because they have women and kids not just Adults.   Superhero are also there bravery for example is someone was in a lake drowing and the only was to get down was to jump of a bridge they would risk there lives to save someone else is live  like batman he does not have any superpowers but can save people you dont have to have superpowers to save someone you jest need bravey and be happynes.  If u look at captin Amerca he only has a shiled in the captin Amerca movie he only has a shiled and can still beat up bad guy’s. alot of people because he’s like a superhero and a bad guy but a lot of people like him.  some American are Also obbssesed with superheros because they and handsone and pretty like superman and wonder women alot of people say that superman is handsome  and batman also a lot of people say there are a lot of pretty women like wonder women super women and other girls and boys.

Anther reason Amer love superheros is because like wonder women has a wip that makes people tell the trurth and Also wonder women has a shiled and a soured to hit people with it.  And the hulk he cant control is anger  when he gets very mad he turns into hulk if you dont know who hulk is hes a guy thats turns really green when he gets man. Have  you seen the spider man movie Americans love that movie it’s when peter paker whent to a musiem i think and a spider came down and bit him and thats when peter paker was geting bullied so the bully came up to him and was saying mean things then the bully throw a punch and peter paker doged it and the bully throed more punches and peter paker still doges them it was a really good movie. The thour movie its a really really good movie thour kas a sister thats a villan and thay didn’t like each other growing up and when thour was fighting his sister and thour’s sister made him a black and was trying to get every body to savtey and  the sister didn’t look hurt until this big lava man came up and it her so hard she died thour was also a good movie.

Now it’s time to tell you what my favorite superhero and that is….. Superman! why he’s my favrite super hero you ask it’s because he has super streanth and also lazer if i had to chouse betuean lazar eyes and super streanth i would chouse lazar eyes because if someone was in a metal bullding I.would use the lazar free them and also  superman can fly batman wishes he can do that haha and guese what superman also like his sout changes over like 5 years superman can also very brave and also he has my favrite color on his sout thats why superman is my favrite superhero so far

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