Phenomenon of Superheroes in America

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I am obsessed with superheroes because of their strength, and bravery. Do you like superheroes if you do Glenpool is one of my favorites? Like you probably like her if you don’t I like her as a superhero and I’m sure you like someone else and you’re probably saying why do you like Glenpool instead of Deadpool I like him also but I would rather choose Glenpool though. She is one of my favorites because of Shes a good and bad superhero that fights for crime and justice like Deadpool. Like I can tell you in one of her comics she is in a secret layer of a bad guy and she got tied up about to be thrown in what it looks like a pit of fire and perish but breaks out and beats up the bad guy.

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“Phenomenon of Superheroes in America”

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Americans are obsessed with superheroes because they are brave. According to the YouTube video discovery: superheroes why we love them, it shows a lot of well-known superheroes fighting for their city, or country. This shows bravery because no one else is fighting. For example, in the video, Batman went to fight villains who shot at him and he didn’t flinch. Instead, he walked towards them to fight them.

Another way we can tell that we love superheroes is because they have powers and lots of strength. According to a slide share, How may the superheroes be the reflection of American history, it shows lots of superheroes fighting mischief villains. For example, on one of the comics, it shows Captain America uppercutting the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. and a lot more like when Wonder Woman throws a guy into a fragile zone with boxes but what I’m saying is the reason why I think it shows strength, in my opinion, is because you wouldn’t know anyone who would do that except for well-known superheroes. Like The Avengers, someone wouldn’t just do that because they don’t think they have the strength or bravery.

I enjoy superheroes such as Glenpool and Spider-Man. Like it’s obvious that people love them for their strength, and bravery like of course I like them because of the same reason but more of their story. Like some superheroes have stories about their life that they love and also hate, like example Peter Parker also known as Spider-Man loves being a superhero but it’s like a solitary life for being a regular human for him so that is why I enjoy superheroes.

Did you know that superheroes dedicate their life in what they’re doing like some of the superheroes have luxuries items? And even the people that do the part for them in movies such as Ironman, Wonder woman, Batman, and also the Xmen. But what I am saying if superheroes were real they will help our planet in a major way like if we did not have anybody helping our planet then it would just abolish because there are more people being perishing villains then cops. So that is why there are superheroes created so people can then follow them and that is why people they help us but also kind of not help us.

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