Why Americans are Obsessed with Superheroes?

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No one thought she could do it, but Wonder Woman charged across the front line towards the Nazis with nothing more than a shield, a sword, and the lasso of Hestia. She single-handedly abolished the most dangerous army and their machine guns when the allied forces had been stuck for a year. She did it because it was dedicated to doing right thing to and she could do it when no one else could. No wonder we as Americans are obsessed with heroes like her. She is awesome.

Americans are obsessed with superheroes because throughout our history, they have been created to fill a need we have in society or within ourselves. For example, according to the slide share, How May the Superheros Be the Reflection of American History, Superman was created during a time when immigrants fleeing the oppression of their own countries were moving to America. He immigrated America from Krypton and became the hero of all Americans. This showed immigrants that they could find peace and safety in America, something they seldom felt at home. Another example is the creation of Black Panther during the Civil Rights movement during the 1960's. The black community and needed to see a hero who looked like them. The white community needed to see that their thoughts of black people, particularly black men, were wrong. In Black Panther, they read about a strong, successful, intelligent, wealthy black man saving the day.

Another reason Americans are obsessed with superheroes is they provide us with hope for something better. In the Youtube video, Superheroes: Why We Love Them, superheroes have a virtue that most regular humans do not and are above the corruption of society and governments. This is a hard concept for us since we face evils of politics often. In a time when people feel they are being taken advantage of and over taxed, we just want to feel like there is some hope in the world. Superheroes are the morality we are looking for in our world. According to a picture of Superman talking to some children, he reminds us that good Americans are people who support others regardless of their skin color, religion, and origins. This gives us hope for a better tomorrow.

 I, as an American, am obsessed with the superhero, Wonder Woman because she inspires me. In the Film, Wonder Woman, she shows herself to be a woman of immense strength, character, and intelligence. She is blessed with gifts of power of an Amazon that make her stronger than average people and other Amazons. She leaves her home and the safety of living with her family in order to stop a major war because she believes so intensely that it is the right thing to do. This shows she is a woman of great character. Finally, she states several times in the film that she has read many ancient texts and speaks several languages. I identify with her as a hero because I need to see a strong female saving the world instead of a strong male.

Americans are obsessed with superheroes because they fill a need in society or within ourselves, they provide us with hope, and they inspire us. We love heroes like Wonder Woman because they will always be there to do what is right.

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