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Cultural Relativism Explores the Meaning of what is “Right”

Williams defines an amoralists as someone who does not believe in any moral ideas and have no moral tendencies that they follow. Williams talks about how they are moral parasites because they take advantage of our moral institutions. The way Williams talks about amoralism is that he makes it a very narrow definition. He talks […]

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The Theories Ethical Egoism and Cultural Relativism

In the case study “Campaigns and Gains” the theories ethical egoism and cultural relativism are utilized to determine what ethical decision would be made given different morals and values. Based on my own values and ethical standpoint, I would not attend the fundraiser. Ethical egoism is the view that people should do what is in […]

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Cultural Relativism Delineates Different Cultures

Cultural relativism is a school of thought that delineates different cultures and recognizes that right or wrong is specific to each culture. It emphasizes that each culture has it’s own standards and these standard sometimes differ from place to place. As a result what is permissible in region A might be abominable in region B. […]

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Problems with Ethnic and Cultural Relativism

This chapter focuses on ways to deal with moral difference, the lessons learned from anthropological studies, and problems with Ethical relativism. The reaction of moral differences varies from person to person as well as how they approach it. The four ways people approach these differences that the chapter states are nihilism, skepticism, and subjectivism. Nihilism […]

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Cultural Relativism

Cultural relativism is the point of view that a culture ought to be socially assessed by its own social measures and not by those of another culture. Sociologists believe that good and moral frameworks, which shift from culture to culture, are for the most part similarly substantial and nobody’s framework is extremely superior to some […]

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Importance of Cultural Relativism in Attaining Cultural Understanding

People tend to view the world from a single perspective, which is usually their own. People also apply their own cultural standards for judging the beliefs, customs, and values of other communities. Cultural relativism is an ethic which consists of beliefs, values, and customs. It is the society’s culture which decides what is considered right […]

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Civil Disobedience as a Form of Protest

There has been a long debate about civil disobedience in our country. Is it an appropriate response to things that we do not like? Or should we never engage in it? Depending who you ask, some may argue its ok when there is a need for change, whiles others state that we should never resort […]

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Ethical Relativism

Manukyan Ruth Benedict was considered a founding figure of American anthropologist and Benedict taught at Columbia University. Benedict was partially deaf. She has written many books, many of her books were published, and she is very well known. Benedict views social systems as communities with common beliefs. She believes that one system cannot be better […]

Pages: 2 Words: 711 Topics: Cultural Relativism, Good vs Evil, Morality, Stereotypes
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