Wonder Woman Literary Analysis 

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It’s important to identify how the fundamental aspects of interpreting the literature that are from different time periods and cultures throughout several nations across the world reflect on the film’s intentions for the audience to understand. The issues presented in the film are intended to help the audience become adjusted to the transnationalism that is accompanied by introducing the audience to new perspectives.

In the film ‘’Wonder Woman’’, directed by Patty Jenkins explores the main protagonist Princess Diana known as Wonder Woman, an Immortal Demigoddess, and Amazonian heroine from Themyscria with desires to venture out into defeating the villain Ares, the Greek god of war who becomes jealous of humanity and began its destruction by initiating World War 1. During the early 20th century, imperialism began to spread throughout the world that caused rivalries to take place that insinuated nationalism as a method of expressing their power to cause chaos among the people. Once Wonder Woman became aware of this situation by analyzing information gained by the axis powers and by rescuing Steve Trevor, an American spy who crashed onto Themyscria to warn her about the conflict of the outside world, it became apparent that the mythos presented such as Femininity, Transformation and heroism defined her motivation to seek out peace and love. To begin with, Wonder Woman’s feminine traits are what defines her ability to strive for success as in a world predominantly ruled by men however, sometimes struggles to do so. For example, in Themyscria Wonder Woman and the other women of this place didn’t experience any gender inequality whereas in the outside world, Wonder Woman would be considered unequal and not be accountable of opportunities such as the Supreme War Council which only allowed men in until she pushed herself in. This illustrates how Wonder Woman became so arrogant towards the Supreme war Council leaders not letting her in to analyze the notebook that Trevor has stolen from Maru, a chemist who designed a gas to use against the allies.

Another example would be her portrayal as a woman who wears dresses, debates with Steve Trevor that sexual pleasure isn’t reliant on men, and her thoughtfulness about the helpless people who need shelter or food to live. This shows her compassion and willingness to help others and how the relationship between Wonder Woman and Trevor grew as a result. Ultimately, it leads to Wonder Woman demonstrates her power of love by forgiving the mistakes that people make as they should learn from them even if their committed horrible acts of injustices. Furthermore, the transformations that occur throughout the films displays Wonder Woman’s ability to fight for a larger cause. For example, as Princess Diana, she would keep her identity secret and would often be encouraged by Trevor to not let anyone know as it could cause her reputation to decrease. However, once they reach towards the front in Belgium, Diana transforms herself into Wonder Woman, a sensational, outgoing and compassionate warrior who captures the enemy trench by using her Lasso of Hestia and armor to deflect the incoming bullets and to attack the enemy. This details how she is fearless and focuses on her objectives to finishing her duty as daughter of the gods. Another example is when Wonder Woman alongside Trevor and the crew reach a base where the gas is loaded into an aircraft headed for London, she intervenes Ludendorff and proceeds to fight him and kill him. This evaluates further into Wonder Woman’s courage to stand up for what she’s fighting for however, she becomes confused and irritated by how his death didn’t cause the end of World War 1. Ultimately, it would lead to be Wonder Woman’s ability to express heroic characteristics that helps to establish her identity. Nevertheless, Wonder Woman’s heroism is impacted by Morgan as she discovers that Morgan is Ares and has used Ludendorff and Maru as test subjects as he believes that they’re inherently corrupted people. For example, Ares describes to Wonder Woman in detail about wanting her to join his mission to destroy mankind and to create a paradise in which he ruled the earth. This argues against Wonder Woman’s values as she wanted to bring love and peace back into the heart of humanity as Ares had corrupted humanity for his personal interests. Another example would be how her courage, selflessness and patience played an important role of defeating Ares when Trevor sacrificed his life by hijacking the aircraft containing the gas and detonating it in the sky. The detonating of the aircraft in the sky allowed a presence of chiaroscuro to occur and once Wonder Woman saw what Trevor had done, she grieved and raged at the fact that Ares was responsible for his death. This led to Ares trying to convince her to kill Maru as she planned the gas however, recollects the memories that she had experienced with Trevor and realized that humans should be perceived as people that have some sense of wellbeing inside them. Wonder woman lets Maru lives and uses the lightning directed at her from Ares to finish him and cause peace and love to return to this world.

Overall, the mythos that is presented such as Femininity, Transformation and heroism defined Wonder Woman’s eagerness and motivation to rid the world of corruption and anger. This film fits into the context of this course as it presents to us a story that is from a different period that spans across Europe and how Wonder Woman became a major key into ending the world and bringing peace and love towards humanity. Also, how elements of Greek culture and World War 1 created a frame where two stories were blended into one and created a sense where the audience would see different perspectives and become interested in figuring out the main truth behind the chaos and destruction. Wonder Woman’s feminine traits define her personality and show to the audience that she is different compared to superheroes such as Superman, Don Quijote De La Mancha and Iron Man who are men and express masculine like traits. Wonder Woman’s transformations allowed for her fearless, outgoing and brave self to come out as she fought against the enemy through deflecting the incoming bullets and using her defensive tactics to defend herself. Ares thought that his manipulation of humanity would convince Wonder Woman to give up her heroism and submit to his ability to take over the world. This film represents the idea that such an Immortal Demigoddess, and Amazonian heroine like Wonder Woman is capable of using her powers for good and demonstrates qualities of a woman’s behavior and action in achieving greatness.      

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