Movie “Avengers: Infinity War” 

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One of the best movies out there is “Avengers: Infinity War.” The Avengers are a team of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The Avengers are a group of heroes that have been in serious battles with dangerous opponents. Most of the team have powers and are the strongest and bravest heroes on the planet.

First, we have Captain America. Captain America is the first Avenger. His real name is Steve Rogers. He was just your normal skinny guy that tried his hardest to join the military. But he was not able to because he was skinny and has asthma. And then a few days later he meets a man name Dr. Erskine who made the super soldier serum and worked with Howard Stark, the father of Tony Stark (more on him later) Dr. Erskine has seen what Steven was trying to for his country, so what Dr. Erskine decided to make a special serum that make his body different like no other man can’t do, so Steven decided to help Dr. Erskine by being his testing some experiments and a lot of things happened. A lot of other people have died doing this experiment, but when Steve tried it, it was a really a big pain for him because his body was taking all of that radiation and finally that’s how we got hero that we know and love.

The next Avenger is Iron Man His real name is Tony Stark. He’s the son of Howard Stark. He started the Avengers and is also the big boss of his father's company Stark International Industries in the beginning. A few hours pass, then Tony and the others get into some trouble. The Russians kidnap Tony and on top of one the items that Tony had blown up and some of the Russians got got caught in the middle of the explosion and also Tony and the people that were working for him Tony was had to suffer the most cuz he lost his heart in the explosion. A few days pass, it was really bad for Tony, he was being tortured, then he meets one of the Russians that want to help him try to escape. And make a Armor Suit out of his own hands and called it the Mark 1 and ever since that day Tony became Iron Man the armored Avenger.

Next we have The Incredible Hulk aka Dr. Bruce Banner, who is a scientist that study on gamma radiation one day Bruce manipulate the gamma radiation so he made a machine that will be able the keep the gamma radiation in the machine so bruce will study more about it .But something went wrong with the experiment the machine exploded infected him with the gamma radiation now normally that would kill a person but sense this is comic books anything can happen anyway back to my story ever since the accident Bruce was infected with the gamma radiation and instead of killing him it turned him into a big green monster that later became the Hulk. Ok so later we found out that Bruce is now back to normal and when he gets angry or pain or death his eyes will turn green and that will trigger the transformation.

Finally Thor the son of Asgard also Odin's son. Thor is an asgardian if you don't know there basically kind of like gods in the in the Marvel Comics. And one more the asgardian have a lot enemies one particular called the Frost Giants. Thor who is one of the asgardian had a big war with the Frost Giants but Thor was really young one day in the middle of the war. Odin who is the father of Thor Odin lost his wife and also found a baby frost Giant and that baby ended up becoming Thor's brother he was named Loki who was the bad one in family. Loki was a troubled kid always bothering Thor blaming Thor for things that he didn’t do and Odin saw Loki and Thor grow together and as the to grow up it was time for Odin to make decision who would become king for asgard unfortunately Odin didn't pick. Loki instead of Loki he picked for and Thor was the king of Asgard Loki was super jealous and always has tried to sabotage him on becoming King and this part is complete so I'll tell you a little more about the Avengers and this time I'll tell you what they accomplished.

As mentioned before the Avengers were a group of superheroes that were called the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The first Avengers film was released in 2012 and the 2nd film Avengers age of ultron that was released in 2015 but in the 1st avengers film are heroes meet each other for the first and it was not a good start because they had a lot different they did not like each in the beginning but later they up working together but the big bad of this movie was Loki who the younger brother of Thor. So the heroes have work together so they can stop Loki alien invainotion on. New York City and in the end the finally come up with a plane to stop Loki once and for. The next Avengers film was “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and in this movie the Avengers are up against an Artificial Intelligent robot named Ultron. When Vision first met the Avengers, Dr. Bruce Banner and Tony Stark were the ones who created Ultron, and he was one Avengers biggest and baddest super villains because Ultron had an Infinity Stone on his side. I will talk about that a little so in this Avengers film me meet a new character called Vision was created by Ultron to power himself and also use the power of the mind stone.

And finally we are on “Avengers Infinity War” where the most powerful superheroes work together to beat Thanos. This is the part were we talk about the Infinity Stones. There six stones and also had color also were named mind which the that Vision has on his four head the Space Stone is the blue one it was on Asgard where Thor and Loki are form and the Power Stone it is the it was with the Guardians of Galaxy and in fact most of stones are with guardians. Now the meaning of this movie was able working together. 

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