Is the Death Sentence the Way to Go or Not?

Why were there so many serial killers or killings in the seventies and eighties? The idea of being a serial killer used to be popular to people who wanted everyone to like them. In the seventies and eighties, the killers wanted people to at least believe that they were attractive or have the bad-boy appeal of murdering several people. The way the media portrayed certain situations made killers in the seventies and eighties bloodthirsty and made them want to keep killing. The police in the seventies and eighties didn’t have the technology that we have now. It was easier to kill in the seventies and eighties, but today it is harder because of all the new technology. Law enforcement was not as organized as it is now. It is safe to say that law enforcement in the seventies and eighties were not prepared for the wave of serial killers that “came into the country”. Now, law enforcement officers are more well-equipped and trained to handle these situations.

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“Is the Death Sentence the Way to Go or Not?”

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Is the death sentence the way to go or not? When considering how to punish serial killers, should the death sentence be the solution? The punishment of death is administered to someone who has convicted a capital crime. The death penalty is controversial, as some say we should have the death penalty and others say we should not. Some people say that God should judge the people and we should not have the death penalty. If we make a mistake and kill a person for no apparent reason, then are we a murderer? What happens when the mistake that we made is discovered and the person who we killed has been executed for a crime that they did not commit? What do we say to the person’s family? Do we stand by an apologetic tombstone over their grave? It all depends on the crime a person commits.

I feel that if a person is to murder another they should be put on death row without a question. If they are willing to kill another person and not take the blame then they are willing to give up their own life. However, if a person is to rob a bank and they are put onto death row, I feel that it is wrong of us to not give them a second chance to change. The death penalty involves medical doctors, who are sworn to preserve life, in the act of killing. If doctors are here to help us, then why are they off killing people who they “think” deserve death rather than a second chance? 

As demonstrated, serial killers are people who commit a series of murders over a period of time. They can come in all different styles, male or female. Their mental disabilities and psychological urges fostered in their childhoods push them to commit unspeakable crimes.

There are many similarities amongst criminals who commit murder, but the differences between them are very important and can play a big part in deciding how to punish their crimes. 

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