My Training as a Public Policeman

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What new information you gathered from the week’s PowerPoint slides, videos, articles and other assigned reading. This first week of class I was impressed at first, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into going into a criminal justice class when I don’t know anything about laws or what being a police officer is all about, but I guess that’s why I decide to take this class to learn. Having a teacher (Ms. Manning) that is a retired police officer is exciting for many reasons one is she knows what she is talking about. Her experience in the field has provided her with many stories for her to sure with the class and it is making it more fun to go to class and have her share a new story relating to the topic we are going to be talking about.

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“My Training as a Public Policeman”

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Ms. Manning has so far shared some of her own stories and experiences she had to the class. She explained to everyone that being a police officer is not just riding in a police car, eating donuts and giving out tickets NO its rough stuff that police officers must do and see to help and protect us. She told us about a time she had received a call about a person how had committed suicide. She described that seeing the guys body on the floor in his back yard after giving himself a shot to the head had really scared her. I can’t image having to see the person’s body one the floor died.

Her own professional opinion being a retired police officer, she tells us what she would have done if she oversaw that case. For example, Ms. Manning had told us about the case of JonBenet Patricia Ramsey. I found the case interesting, and I don’t know how I hadn’t heard about it before. The death of JonBenet is heart breaking thinking that some possible suspects are her own family. After class I came home and started to read more about the incident, and I found articles about how people were blaming “the mother calming she was jealous of her little girl” Huber 2016 or “that she just wanted the money” Biography 2014. Ms. Manning was very upset explaining to us that the police that has arrived at the Ramsey’s house “the night of the murder has done a lot of mistakes” Huber 2016

In this week’s PowerPoint we learned about Search and Seizure and the 7 Exceptions on when the police officer can search your car without your permission. Learning the deference between probable cause vs reasonable suspicious. Probable cause is when a police officer has already “enough evidence to take to a judge to get a warrant and search your house, car etc.” Schwartzbach 2018. Reasonable suspicious is when a crime has, will, or is in the process of being committed.

The critical thinking, I engaged to would be the Search and Seizure, Police officers sometimes ask you if they can search your car knowing they can find something to arrest you for, having the right to say no when they ask if they can search my vehicle is a relief because some officer may act like it’s by law that you have to let them search your car but no and that what some people don’t know like me. I didn’t know that we can say no to searching the car. From this first week of class I enjoyed the things I learned so far. I’m excited for what’s next and what Ms. Manning have planned for us this semester.

The ct2learn is new for me this website I haven’t used in my classes before, but the book is included in the package when you buy it. It’s different from my other classes but I’m excited to learn new things related to criminal justice. When registering for the Ct2learn it is a bit complicated it’s not letting me sign in or do much I contacted the help support like the teacher suggested but its asking for a access code like a proof of purchase kind of number but when I go to purchase it, it’s asking me for my username and password when I type it its saying I don’t have an account and it send me back to the prices again?

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