Death Penalty is Morally, Socially and Politically Wrong

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Search for legitimate points and examples throughout time to support both sides of this issue. Each point should be supported by evidence from primary and secondary sources. 10 completely different sources; use the auto-cite feature on using mla format (Please type these points out and do not plagiarize) follow the appropriate protocol to properly cite sources and paraphrase information using your own words. Must provide at least 3 examples from history (hammurabi-1800s) for each argument so 6 points from history all together. You can find more recent examples to support each argument for the remaining points.

Pro – “Capital punishment is necessary to carry out in some circumstances”

The Constitution of the United States, all the more explicitly through the utilization of the Fifth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments grant the utilization of capital punishment in suitable cases.

The very small chance of executing the wrong person is balanced by the benefits to society of putting off other murderers. If you do actually kill an innocent wrongly this would affect the person family and not only is that but, would provide this is how we handle problems during court.

Giving a killer a death sentence will influence others and give them a warning before they do anything illegal.

Supporters of capital punishment trust that the individuals who submit murder, since they have ended the life of another, have relinquished their own entitlement to life.

In the event that somebody murders another person, they have surrendered their human rights, including the one to remain alive themselves

Con – “Capital punishment is an inhumane form of punishment and should never be used under any circumstance”

“Death penalty is morally, socially and politically wrong. Morally, killing is wrong. Killing on behalf of a state is wrong as well. Some may believe that the death penalty is a just and moral punishment for the most serious of crimes; victims and their families are morally entitled to long for revenge. However, the social, political and economic costs of such retribution are, in my opinion, too high...

No national interest can justify human rights violations such as the death penalty or torture.'

No-one has ever proven with numbers that killing murderers stops other people committing similar crimes. What’s the point of having death penalty when it won’t change people’s action when doing something wrong?

Two wrongs don't make a right. Taking a human life is unscrupulous, regardless of whether it is a wrongdoing or whether it is done for the sake of 'equity'. Everybody's entitlement to life ought to be secured by law, including crooks.

The three nations that executed the a great many people in 2016 were China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. There's a motivation behind why capital punishment is supported in tyrant routines: it is a definitive type of state control. Troublesome political protesters can be blended in with crooks and street pharmacists waiting for capital punishment, and any analysis can be avoided as being 'soft on crime'.

“The Death Penalty in 2016: Facts and Figures.” Amnesty International UK,

Blameless individuals are over and over again condemned to death. Since 1973, more than 156 individuals have been discharged from death pushes in 26 states in light of honesty. Broadly, no less than one individual is excused for each 10 that are executed.


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