Julius Caesar Study Questions

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Act I

1. The point between the interchange with Marullus and the commoners is to show how devoted and blind the commoners can be, and explaining how easily people can be influenced.

2. Antony is into sports and Brutus isn’t, Brutus also seems sad and not happy with himself while Antony doesn’t.

3. Cassius is manipulative, and well spoken.

4. The fault is not in our stars but in ourselves

5. Caesar seems to have a lot of pride in what he does and is skeptical for anyone that gets in the way of that.

6. He calls the populace tag rag but still wants to save them.

7. Hot and malleable, basically saying he can mold him into whatever Cassius pleases.

8. Foreshadowing or warning Caesar.

9. Casca is two faced.

10. Cassius says he will kill himself if Caesar becomes king, so he isn’t his slave.

11. Alchemy means changing lead to gold compared to Assassination which changes evil to good

Act II

12. He tries expressing that it is the right thing to do and the killing is the only way.

13. He thinks the conspirators are acting in secret.

14. It is ironic because he believes killing Caesar is justice but killing Antony is just murder.

15. Portia cares deeply about her husband, and shows her concern for her husband.

16. He convince brutus what he is doing is acceptable.

17. Calpurnia’s talk with caesar made him change his mind about going for the moment.

18. How they are all in the car together.

19. Artemidorus scene is to warn Caesar.

20. Shows how Portia might have a clue about what is going on and the servant might do something to interfere.


21. The purpose of the opening dialogue is to show that Artemidorus tries to protect Caesar with his letter but Cassius stops him and distracts Caesar with another matter.

22. Just before Caesar dies he says En tu, Brute meaning and you too Brutus, showing how Caesar trusted Brutus and how he betrayed him.

23. Brutus says it was a moral act and Cassius said it is a step towards a new government.

24. Cassius and Brutus approach Antony by saying they don’t wish to kill Antony and they feel pity for Caesar. Also they want to know if Antony is loyal to them.

25. Letting Antony speak at the funeral was a poor decision revealing he is bad at judging character.

26. When antony speaks to Brutus he makes sure to conceal his emotions so he could speak at the funeral.

27. Antony’s speech was more persuasive than Brutus’.

28. Antony uses persuasion and plays on the crowd’s emotions in his speech.

29. Cassius has underestimated the people, when he thought they would change over a dead body.

Act IV

30. Antony has grown new seriousness and strength during this scene.

31. They are ruthless, greedy, and power hungry. As leaders they are worse than the conspirators.

32. Their quarrel shows the disintegration of the conspiracy.

33. The news of Portia's death and it's gruesome manner creates sympathy for for Brutus.

34. Brutus realizes that Cassius is flawed and that he himself has been misled by him.

35. Ghost were crowd-pleasers back in the day. It is vital because it links the murder of Caesar to Brutus and he will die.

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