Brutus Tragic Hero in Julius Caesar

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What the characters do in the play? Multiplicity is one of the most important elements of a successful business. They are the people who do the work for them to the fullest extent. The writer chooses the people who best suit these roles and any mistake in this character negatively affects the entire work. Today we are going to talk about a Brutus character in a play Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar is a play written by William Shakespeare. Brutus is one of the main character in this play. He holds a senior position in Rome and is the most respected figure in the country. He is a close friend of Caesar. The idealism of Brutus is his tragic primary element when he refused to kill Antony, and Cassius also suggested to him that Mark Antony should be killed with Caesar, he certainly rejected his idea and replied to him, saying: 'Antony is just a limb of Caesar.' Also, we do not forget Brutus' strong love for Rome, and this is represented by his saying, 'I do love Caesar, but I love Rome more. ' and through his speech to the mob after killing Caesar. He believes in himself that it was necessary to kill Caesar in order to prevent him from becoming a dictator and ruling the people as if they were his slaves.

Brutus is a noble and respected leader who belongs to a noble and loving family of ancient Rome. Brutus is widely respected by people in ancient Rome, which is the main reason why Cassius and the conspirators are interested in gaining his support for them. Cassius wants to win the support of Brutus, because when he wins and gets his support, he means obtaining the support of many people in Rome. It is worth noting that Brutus and Caesar are close friends, but Brutus listened to Cassius’s talk and plotted against Caesar for fear that Caesar would turn Rome from a republic into a kingdom or empire while the other conspirators They want to kill him because of their jealousy and envy of him.

In my view, the character of Brutus is an important character in the play and explains to us, as readers and viewers of the play, that patriotism is the main element of the person, but it is possible that this love was overshadowed by the point of doubt in your friends and hearing enemies who take revenge on your best friend with the cover of maintaining Motherland.

In conclusion, Brutus’s character explains to us the differences between a man’s intentions, and don’t trust anyone who can use you with intentions against your principles and harm you and your loved one.

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