Shak Box Consulting Company – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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SHAK BOX Consulting Company
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Contents I.Executive summary II.Mission and objectives: 1.Mission: 2.Objectives: 3.Keys to Success: III.Trends affecting business growth: a)Mobile Devices b)Higher Design and Usability Standards c)Corporate Clients Want Solid Returns on IT Investments: IV.Resource requirements: a)Company Locations and Facilities b)Services c)Service Description V.Objectives/ milestones and Timetable of goals: VI.Managerial focus: a)Management Summary: b)Organizational Structure: c)Management Team: VII.Identify marketing strategy a)The 4p's: 1.Proposed Product or Service Plan: 2.Proposed Pricing Policy: 3.Proposed Promotional Plan: 4.Place (distribution): VIII.APPENDIX

I. Executive summary

II. Mission and objectives:

1. Mission:

Shak Box aims to offer comprehensive consulting services. Shack Box will focus on providing personal and specialized services to meet each client's specific needs.

2. Objectives:

  1. To satisfy a market need to offer a full-time consulting product
  2. To develop a client base requiring a team effort, versus a sole practitioner, to satisfy client requirements

3. Keys to Success:

In my opinion as the founder of this company, to keep the company in its best productivity times and to continue setting higher objective to achieve we must maintain the following :

  1. Team approach on most consulting projects
  2. A group of professionals with a broad range of specialty areas that complement each other
  3. Successful niche marketing: we intend to find and target the quality-conscious customer in the right channels, making sure that the customer will find us through aggressive marketing
  4. Uncompromising commitment to the quality of the work: that is, quality data, information and solutions

III. Trends affecting business growth:

  1. Mobile Devices : as the mobile device market grows this shows us that consumers are more and more going mobile, According to the CIA's world fact book we have about 6 billion mobile devices in 2011. Moreover, we have about 2.1 billion active internet users in 2010. This trend could help the business in many ways one of the most important ways is that Shak Box can reach a very wide audience worldwide providing online business services. (, 2014)
  1. Higher Design and Usability Standards: According to, design and usability are no longer a complement to your marketing strategy. Design and usability are quickly becoming an essential part of marketing efforts because if users do not like what they see they will leave. Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for with a fast loading site that is easy to navigate. In Shak Box the added value that will be delivered to the consumer is the developed mobile (Search Engine Journal, 2014)
  2. Corporate Clients Want Solid Returns on IT Investments: According to "For more than a decade, a major source of revenue for consulting firms has been information technology projects of all types. The rapid growth of the Internet, intranets, e-commerce, advanced computer networks and private data nets encouraged corporate executives to dive into IT projects, generally at immense cost. Consultants were among the major beneficiaries of these projects. However, IT investment wound down rapidly between 2001 and 2003. Today many IT consulting projects are bid on a "fixed cap" basis, whereby a pre-agreed fee is guaranteed to see the project through to successful completion. For the mid-term, most corporate clients will be very stingy with IT consulting budgets. Non-essential projects will be delayed until economic growth resumes and corporate profits improve. When money gets tight as it has been for 2008-2009, corporate IT executives will make the best of their existing systems and look for ways to cut corners when implementing new ones" (,2014)

IV. Resource requirements:

Entire start-up expense comes to $80000. Start-up assets required include $220000 in initial cash to handle the first few months of consulting operations as sales and accounts receivable play through the cash flow. The details are included in Table 1 below.

Start-up Expenses  
Legal $4,000
Stationery etc. $8,000
Insurance $3,000
Rent $10,000
Computers $25,000
Servers and hosting $9,000
Website and Application platform $20,000
Other $2,000
Total Start-up Expenses $80,000
Start-up Assets  
Cash Required $140,000
Other Current Assets $0
Long-term Assets $0
Total Assets $140,000
Total Requirements $220,000

a) Company Locations and Facilities

The initial office will be establish its headquaterters office inHamra area of Beirut, the heart of theCity. Onthe other hand, the company, which provides ONLINE/OFFLINE consulting services, must have many resource bases and selling points therefore developing small bases all over the region of the MEA and most importantly targeting immerging countries such as China, Chile, and Brazil by establishing franchises.

b) Services

SHAK BOX offers a list of services forbusiness owners to choose from, depending on their particular business needs.

c) Service Description

Start-up services include business project preparation, marketing plan, and financing search and management. Ongoing services hold business plan updates, marketing plan updates, search and procurement of IT consulting, management development, financing, e-commerce services, equipped advising, and HR advising. Shak Box is flexible, working with its clients in the fashion preferred by the customer, be it on-site, remotely, or a association of both. Shak Box typically works on a project in a team to help the customer in all areas of the business simultaneously. This allows for all parties involved to be in sync in terms of knowing the interconnections of all functional areas of the business therefore closing all the gaps.

V. Objectives/ milestones and Timetable of goals:

VI. Managerial focus:

a) Management Summary:

The management team in Shak Box consists of the entrepreneur of Shak box Ghandi Ghoussaini, due to his experience in the marketing and the management field with a BS in Management from Cardiff University and a BS in Marketing from MUBS University We will develop and nurture the company as society. We do not intend to be very hierarchical because of the globalization of the business and an influence from a very professional entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson on Mr.Ghandi Ghoussaini

b) Organizational Structure:

Its founder Ghandi Ghoussaini as a start up will manage Shak Box but as Shak Box grows there will be more structure to the organization, with new employees being assigned a supervisor or subordinate is a must.

c) Management Team:

The founder will necessarily be involved in the fulfillment of the core business proposition, providing the expertise to the clients. Later, we intend to add more partners, consultants, and sales staff. To add on that we acknowledge the fact that successful recruiting, motivation and discipline procedures are keys to the growth of the organization. Hence we intend to promote and maintain good labour relations, strong morale and high quality work per employee.

VII. Identify marketing strategy

a) The 4p's:

1. Proposed Product or Service Plan:

As mentioned above one of the most important trends discovered is the mobile devices people are living the mobility age with a platform as an application that gives the chance to the end consumer to access his company were ever and whenever he wants As a consultancy business Shak box works in a deadline frame of work therefore if the service is not delivered in the right time the consumer will get a discount about 50 % depending on the project this discount acts like a warranty for the consumer.

2. Proposed Pricing Policy:

We aim for lower costs in order to attract more customers .The lower costs will be enough to pay for the required costs but will have low revenue in the future . Looking at the current market there is a shortage of consulting companies for smaller to medium sized type of businesses.With this pricing strategy Shak Box will be able to attract more business and make up the revenue in that way. The low costs will be kept at that level for one years and once the volume of business has increased 20% the prices will be increased 15% in order to increase revenue.

3. Proposed Promotional Plan:

Ways to reach our target market - things we can improve:

  • Our website and online marketing
  • Leave behind literature when we are at a service call
  • Direct mail
  • Newspaper
  • Cable TV
  • Agreements with banks on were entrepreneurs can gethelp after they got accepted on the lon aplication or how to get accepted for a lon application for openning a new business

We should be able to collect dozens of testimonialsthrough our website we willhave some written testimonials as well as audio testimonials. These audio testimonials are pretty powerful and in the future we need to collect some video testimonials for our website and other ratings on socail media such as facebook, Linked in and tweeter.

4. Place (distribution):

As mentioned above Shak Box will establish located in Beirut,Hamra as a headquarters , but the company will be establishing resource bases and selling points all over the MEA region in addition to that in the near future Shak Box will establish other offices in the emerging countries such as china, Brazil, and Chile

VIII. Recognition of operating and regulatory environment and proprietary needs:


      SHAK BOX      
      Balance Sheets      
        2004 2005  
  Current assets:        
  Cash     14,000.00 -  
  Accounts receivable - -  
  Pre-paid expenses   1,500.00    
  Other     - -  
  Total current assets   $ 15,500.00 $ -  
  Fixed assets:        
  computer equitpment   60,000.00    
  Property and equipment 200,000.00 -  
  general installation   10,000.00    
  Equity and other investments 400,000.00 -  
  Less accumulated depreciation   (67,000.00)    
  Net fixed assets   $ 603,000.00 $ -  
  Other assets        
  Goodwill   - -  
  Total other assets   - -  
  Total assets   $ 618,500.00 $ -  
  Liabilities and owner's equity      
  Current liabilities:        
  Accounts payable   - -  
  Accrued wages        
  Accrued compensation - -  
  Income taxes payable - -  
  Unearned revenue   - -  
  Other     - -  
  Total current liabilities $ - $ -  
  Long-term liabilities        
  Mortgage payable   - -  
  Total long-term liabilities - -  
  Owner's equity        
  Investment capital   - -  
  Accumulated retained earnings      
  Total owner's equity $ - $ -  
  Total liabilities and stockholders' equity $ - $ -  
Two-Year Comparative Income Statement  
SHAK BOX                
Financial statements in U.S. dollars   [Current Period]   [Prior Period]   Increase / (Decrease)   Percent Change  
  Gross Sales     550,000       550,000      
  Less: Sales Returns and Allowances     14,000       14,000      
  Net Sales   536,000   0   536,000      
Cost of Goods Sold                  
  Beginning Inventory             0      
  Add: Purchases           0      
    Freight-in           0      
    Direct Labor           0      
    Indirect Expenses           0      
  Inventory Available     0   0   0      
  Less: Ending Inventory             0      
  Cost of Goods Sold   0   0   0      
  Gross Profit (Loss)   536,000   0   536,000      
  Advertising     137,500       137,500      
  Amortization             0      
  Bad Debts             0      
  Bank Charges             0      
  Charitable Contributions             0      
  Commissions             0      
  Contract Labor     137,500       137,500      
  Depreciation     67,000       67,000      
  Dues and Subscriptions             0      
  Employee Benefit Programs             0      
  Insurance     1,500       1,500      
  Interest             0      
  Legal and Professional Fees     55,000       55,000      
  Licenses and Fees             0      
  Miscellaneous             0      
  Office Expense     6,000       6,000      
  Payroll Taxes             0      
  Postage             0      
  Rent             0      
  Repairs and Maintenance             0      
  Supplies             0      
  Telephone     10,000       10,000      
  Travel             0      
  Utilities             0      
  Vehicle Expenses             0      
  Wages             0      
  Total Expenses   414,500   0   414,500      
  Net Operating Income   121,500   0   121,500      
Other Income                  
  Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets             0      
  Interest Income             0      
  Total Other Income   0   0   0      
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