Entrepreneurs are Born as Talent Opportunists Business Essay

The entrepreneur plays an important role in the development of economic nowadays, in recent 21st century, where the competitive market is so tough. They are highlighted as the person making the opportunity becomes the profit, who starts the own business and be their own boss (Stephen, 2007). People spend millions in business training course to learn the entrepreneurship and dream to have the wonderful life as successful magnate. Many researches had been done to figure out what makes people on the way to become such a successful entrepreneur, is there any particular factors modeling it? The answer is that there is one kind of genetic factor called business talent that will decide whether one individual have enough condition to become an entrepreneur or not. You can practice yourself to have relevant skill or even the way to solve the experience in real business life but the innate ability comes naturally and cannot imitate to follow by. This “business blood” usually passed through generation where the idiom “like father, like son” is applied perfectly. In my opinion, potential entrepreneur is implied as a raw diamond, they must have perfect cutting to be shinier to take the attention. But the fact can not be rejected is that, in case they are not sparkling enough, they already are what they are as the diamond. It is just the simple example to prove that “entrepreneur are born, not made”.

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“Entrepreneurs are Born as Talent Opportunists Business Essay”

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Entrepreneurs are born, not made.

People always dreams to get rich to enjoy a comfortable life. The fastest way to the glory is take a chance as a risk-taker by starting your own business, become an entrepreneur who can open the enterprise and work for your own benefit. However, Damir (2012) stated entrepreneur is defined as an individual who known as mainly financial risk-taker to do the business activities through the enterprise. He is also the person who has the innovative spirit, creativity and strong emotion of confidence to prove himself to be unique. All of that characteristic comes unattended and starts with the desire to pursue high target of doing profitable business, and it becomes the most vital thing that drives most of successful entrepreneur. On contrary direction, there also exist some theory to prove that it is untrue to say no hope for people who do not have the potential business “blood”, entrepreneurship can also be practiced and nurtured by improving needed skills and experiences. Genes could not determine or influence that much to the way you think of business, it is up to the behavior and also the habits of one individual (Scott 2011). There are not only the “entrepreneur gene” of talent or some habits and characteristics inside one person who can be the potential “star” to bright. Maria (2011) highlighted that entrepreneur are born or made depends on some more external and internal factors which can affect the way one person do business such as time, geography, culture and of course a little luck . To sum up, in my opinions the most important things to make the perfect successful entrepreneur is innate factor that comes original talent that can not be followed or imitated. Practice and education can support partly in one individual to help them in improving their skill of doing business but can not affect to the way they recognize or react with the problem like the one who owns the innate abilities does.

Entrepreneurs are born as talent opportunists.

The ways entrepreneurs run the business, of course, is not similar to the skill of original managers need to have as learn how to plan the strategy and manage the activities inside the operation. As I had mentioned before, entrepreneur is person who has willingness to seize a risky opportunity to make it become competitive advantages. But without any courses of training program, one individual can have the “sense” of success to find when and where to apply their innate abilities. It is related to how far the field of vision one person can take, catch the right thing in the exactly time is definitely strong advantages that bring up the percentage of success. Innate entrepreneur will think different than the others who even can not recognize the valuable price of opportunity but the way to use it reasonably. There is something similar to the raw diamond without technical cutting; it obviously cannot shine to become priceless (Aminah Khalid, 2012). Most of successful entrepreneurs admitted that there is a strong voice inside leads them to make decision when they face with the positive opportunity to earn profit even they were still very young. At that early age, they can not understand exactly what the entrepreneurship is but the spirit inside leads them to the right direction of doing the business activities. It is only just the small self-income business with the profit of 5 cents actually but with that good start of beginning, this young businessman can develop in future for sure.

Entrepreneurs are born with innate characteristics.

“Without passion you dont have energy, without energy you have nothing.” Donald Trump Passion and ambition, abilities to apply the knowledge, personalities, are main elements that Allen (2012) described as what the thing one entrepreneur needs to have as a must. They have the ability to think bigger than the others, and fast respond to the innovative idea. The willing to pass the challenges and want to make things differently becomes their strength. “People who don’t have ambition – they get a regular job.” Earl (2004) says as the founder of Black Enterprise magazine. Passion and ambition are listed as the most powerful things when one person wants to be the entrepreneurial leader need to have. The strong emotion of interesting to discover the business advantages will turn into the “guide star” which will help them to keep the spirit in whatever they do. It is no doubt to become an inspiration to step over the difficulties during the long business journey. The strong passionate heart will be the most useful encouragement to those entrepreneurs to not give up and keep moving forward to reach the reward as profit despite how hard is it. Just imagine that if somebody is in the lack of inspiration, can they put the effort in working hard? No, of course, the same concept is here. Passion can not be taught, it start with how strong the ambition of gaining the success does which contents inside the entrepreneur spirit from the very first start of their life. To have more obvious view of the discussion, I provide the example of the basketball player, who has the perfect height compare to the others, he can be taught the movement and the regulation of the game but it is not enough to be the champion, unless he has the strong passion and ambition to win. Moreover, the things that also very important are the ability to widen and import the knowledge effectively and imply it into the real business life. Although everybody can attend the same classroom, together they share the same source of information, but the potential entrepreneur how to make it become their own. It can be relevant as the weapons that everybody will have a chance to try but just the hero know how to pick it up and use it wisely. Usually, most of successful entrepreneur are smart, whose education process were very impressive and bright when they were young (Stephen, 2007). Those above abilities can be measure as the IQ score which is not affected by the human impacts but the nature involves. Last but not least in this part I want to discuss is about some personality traits which will become the important element to make one person in good shape of business leader. Those can be stated as leadership, creativity and responsibility. It is clear to say that the characteristic of one individual comes innately without training or learning through any paper-based theory. Skill of business can be taught, but the ability to deal with the troubles is unique and made naturally. Entrepreneur is the one who owns the company so that they usually intend to be in freedom of making choices by themselves. The leadership skill comes from the innate factor which seems to be inborn. The combination of inherit leadership skill include emotionally stable, dominant, enthusiastic, conscientious, tough-minded, self-assured and compulsive will help them to know exactly what they need to do to build their own plan and take the challenges. https://www.fschina.org/9-success-entrepreneur.html. In addition, the reason leading to the decision of opening the enterprise maybe just because they do not want to stay “inside the box” of original idea that is usually the same. According to Dr. Stephen (2007) the leadership will help them to have enough space to spread their wings of innovative and open-minded to accept the new materials sources. Successful entrepreneur always willing to learn of new things to be better than they used to be, they do not accept the way of sticking with the hierarchy of bureaucracy. To stand strong as the leader of one enterprise, talent entrepreneur also need to be stable whenever the problems may come and improve the leadership of teamwork. Those characteristic belong to individual innate personalities, for example as the skill of working with team to share the work task. Talent entrepreneurial leader know how to divide the work equally follow by the mixture of their own opinion and the staffs. This talent of being active as a leader is always comes naturally. Furthermore, the creativity in solving problem in rush time is definitely the way to define the potential entrepreneur. Together with those factors what the leader in charge of, even it may take the failure or the success, entrepreneur will take the largest responsibility. They have the talent to think out-of-the-box, and able to generate the idea after idea when problem cause the business fail, they will be easy to get change their plan into another possible chances. When everybody sees no hope, entrepreneur is the one who trust in themselves and make it become possible situation.

Entrepreneurs are born and rise:

The perfect condition advantages to be the successful entrepreneur come from family base. Furthermore, entrepreneurship does not only focus on the behaviors but also on the personalities that can pass through the generation. “Like father, like son”, one family with a businessman parent have a possibility to give birth to the child that have some characteristics to fit in the interest of doing business. Finding from study Allen (2012) found that there also exist some traits that support to recognize a potential person who may do well in competitive market place in the future. Those factors include the ability to identify new business opportunities or likelihood to make self-profit income and the desire to start their own business.

Critical use:

Being the potential entrepreneur is start with the passion and ambition that can figured in the very young age. Most of them owning the entrepreneur spirit with the strong emotion of leadership and the willingness to accept risks as challenges, who ready to make strange decision to take part in competition with full of ambition. According to Romain (2012), Steve Job (1955 – 2011) the father of Apple, one of the most powerful telecommunication companies who lead the worldwide trends of technology, is starting his talent of business in very first years of his life. Together with his friend named Stephen Wozniak and their inspirations in electronic devices, Steve Jobs developed a “blue box”. It was the kind of equipment that fooled the AT&T – a telecommunication company in United State, in defining the distance between switching areas and allowed people to make free phone call. They sold them to interested students in dorm and just stopped when nearly been caught by the police. One more evidence to have clearer view of how important the true “blood” affected to entrepreneurship is Bill Gates (1955 – ?), chairman of Microsoft one of the richest guys in the world. Luckily, Bill Gates was born and nurtured in the business family with his father, William H. Gates II, is a Seattle attorney. His late mother, Mary Gates, was a schoolteacher, University of Washington regent, and chairwoman of United Way International. So it is obvious to know why he did so well in school to become a Harvard student with a passionate heart of writing the program for computer. He owns the profit as the age of teenager with the help of childhood friend – Paul Allen. They began to set up their company called Traf-O-Data, provided the program to count the city traffics in Seattle (Mary, 2012). In the field of genetic can pass through the generation, let take a look on Donald Trump (1946 – ?) – known as the successful American business magnate, the chairman and president ofA The Trump OrganizationA and the founder ofA Trump Entertainment Resorts was born in the family with completely wonderful business base. His father, Frederick Trump was a builder and real estate developer who came to specialize in constructing and operating middle income apartments in the Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. After graduate from high school Donald Trump worked under his family company and after few years in 1971 he was able to convince his father to take control the family firm and reconstruct it as Trump Organization. The company now is managed and controlled under his son Donald “Don” John Trump and his daughter Ivana Trump. To make it more apparent, let’s take a look on some research on how innate factors play an important role whenever the entrepreneurs catch the opportunity. According to Allen Gannett (2012), just 1% of the entrepreneurs agreed with the statement that claims business abilities can be taught and improves by practice, while on the other side 61% people left admitted their mindsets were set naturally and unintentionally.


Nothing happens perfectly, it is obvious to say that no one can gain the success with their business venture totally with their own potential experiences or skill. But it true to claim that no clue can not make the perfect entrepreneurship in case of lacking innate characteristic. However we can make our life and our chances put how much effort in our work, what skill we need to practice more and develop and be our best self. Make the original factor we had become the individual passion to motivate you to become the successful entrepreneur in market field by improving your own quality personality together with your own innate potential abilities. Different innate abilities are quite important to lead to the success of entrepreneur, with the passion inside your heart and how hard you learn and practice yourself will specify the next step. It will help you to seek the experience and make the danger risk become your own competitive advantages to become the successful entrepreneur. Human factors can impact to the success of entrepreneurship but the most vital thing is “entrepreneurs are born, not made”.

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