Is Salem Witch Trials a Joke?

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Many people would have thought the Salem witch trials was a joke I once believe that till I got into history class. The Salem witch trials didn't just started there they had began in new England saying that people had been bewitched dozens had been accused of practicing witchcraft while 3 were actually executed due to these accusations. Many journalist have came to the conclusion that this was all for simple jealousy, money, teenage drama or them just basically being bored they just ran with the idea which costed many people not only their lives but, money as well by children acting on the tales around them made as much as the role of the adults who were actually imprisoning people and executing them. Also, a lot of victims went without trial even though they may have been innocent they never got the chance. It had been said multiple times that an economically change had occur which happen to started a conflict because, no one knew what could possible happen it became a quiet war over money. The Salem witch trials were about practicing witchcraft which at the time religion played a major role in the community. It seems as a punsse scam towards widow woman with major pieces of land, because it caused a lack of resources it begined to become a problem for those who depended on this for an excess of income. The prime minister at the time became very greedy of money and land at the time so as good christians they wanted to please their minster by the minster being greedy he pushed his beliefs on them to believe those that it was the devils work even though, many thought it was a lie. The time was 1692 and 1693,at the time 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft and 20 people were executed for doing supposedly practicing witchcraft which were primarily women . As we all know masschettes was heavily filled with many christians which believe that people who practice could harm them in a way. Furthermore, the accusations didn't just stop there in 1692 the revender daughter, and her friends acted in an usually,peculiar way yelling and shouting acting as if they had been possessed by a demon or dark magic. Which they were told by a local doctor, it was such a controversy if those children were just playing around because, it was such a fib towards these women. They had to actually go through a trail of integrating by the court while two said they were innocent the caribbean slave said she was called by a black man to sign a book and she had being seeing things the represent dark magic and that they were to destroy the existed of puritans,by her saying this the three women were imprisoned. This was just the beginning of the Salem Witch Trials after that first group of women being imprisoned a ton of supposedly witchcraft incidents came about over dozens of people had to come on trial due to so many accusations. The first woman to be executed was Bishop Bridget she claimed she was more incconcent thana unborn baby which nobody believe so she was hanged. At this point, many leaders began to disobey the rules of the minsterr's. One minster had told them to stop accepting visions as confessing because, as we all know those could have easily been mistaken for dream, but being those agronat and misguided christians they didn't listen by then many more women were imprisoned and hanging people left and right which had become very outrage because, it could have been very possible there were killing innocent which is a sin the too good christians. This salem witch trials were not just an economic come up because, as these women were imprisoned and executed they begin to gain control of their land to produce resources and take basic. Also, it was a social outcome as well many of these people were executed and prosecuted do to them supposedly practicing devil magic i felt as if each one of these women shouldn't have been penalized for children saying they were doing something when no one truly had hard core evidence on what was going on as we know many kids can play around but, it wasn't truly the kids it was the adults started to become very greedy not only of money but, land as well they felt the need to have absolute control over land and money. To continue, most didn't know that children were executed an accused for practicing witchcraft which was very sad to know that so many innocent were slaughter and imprisoned by this one allegation that wasn't actually true it had become so despicable that people would actually kill all those innocent souls doing too being too greedy of land and money at the time which had become very ridiculous. They had killed a child accused of being a witch who was only about 4 or 5 during this time any do good christian wouldn't manslaughter a child but, then you had the widowr's and others who would rather be dead then to be imprisoned by the man so, some believe they lied to just be killed then to go behind bars. This topic was a choose of mine due to my fascination with witches,vampires, werewolves and vampire diaries and American horror story the Salem witch trial exist ion were the group of witches came from different area around the world once they had discovered there powers.some of the short term and long term goals, one of the short term were that it change the way trails went and a long term was that it left an effect on the community were they had killed so many people without a reason. The people who were impacted by this were the victims their families, the people on the jury because they could have possible falsely accused so many 20 or more lives that could have been fully lived if it wasnt for teens and there boredom. To sum up, the salem witch trial up it was a executed and imprisoned people for their own greedious because, it is told that they were practicing the devils magic but, how could they be good christians if they were executing people.
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