Health Care

Spillage of hazardous material is dealt with using the following procedure. Rescue  the area of spillage is evacuated and assistance is provided including use of eyewashes and safety showers then seek medical help after the area is decontaminated, Confine  restrict the area where spillage has occurred by closing the doors then keep the contaminated persons in the area to avoid spread of contamination then close the drainage to prevent spills from contaminating the environment. Report  inform the emergency response about the spill and let them know about the injured staff, and the type of hazardous material spilled. Secure  contain the area until emergency response personnel arrive to ensure no one comes in the spill area. Cleanup  call in qualified personnel to clean up materials depending on size of the spill Guides and procedure for safe disposal of waste are as follows  means of segregation  waste is disposed in easily recognizable color, specification of containers and enclosures to be used, storage  hazardous waste is stored before transport and disposal, Transport- both internal and external contractors, handling and disposal, final disposal for all waste and hazardous waste material, training needs When using Skype not every patient has the appropriate electronic devices, using Skype still requires follow up, not all patients are able to follow up procedures. Cultural differences include  some people prefer to be called in formal style like Mr.Mrs or Ms. Sikh or a Muslim. Some patients dont like to be shouted and yelled at. Continuing to improve the diagnosis rates and post- diagnostic support and highest quality of care and improving service response and supporting a dementia friendly community. There was question in whether the health care is giving and servicing good medication to the community which consist individuals with learning disabilities and autism. There was individual failings of the authorities. Complain to the organization or individual, make a claim in court or use someone else to help you sort it out. This can be dealt with by contacting equality advisory and support service By helping them out through advice, advising them to go to court or authorities or by helping them through complain. I would go to him or her and give them advice or appropriate way of how to address service users and No I wont report this to anyone else. Yes because it is indeed wrong to do communicate badly to a service user and its bad behavior in relation to care. Well I would ask the experienced member why she left. I would probably deal with the situation because it is not good to leave the service user not attended to. The codes practice of improving quality of care would not be broken I would inform the colleague that the committees in charge of care respects good inter relations of employees despite their conditions and he could be punished if reported. The code broken in this scenario relates to employers being responsible for meeting the speculated standards and supporting their work mates.

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