Health Care Management Problem

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Health care organizations in the United States and around the world are always dealing with Management problems. The complexity of the health care system is one of the causes of many management troubles in health care today. Communication in health care setting the implementation depends on behavior rather than technical and there are numerous communication letdowns. The United States is currently Health care organizations are always operating together to come up with ideas and strategies to make their organizations more fruitful and better for everyone to work in as well. Problem solving is an ongoing process in health care organizations, which have been bringing positive results for everyone. Working in the health care field I have experience dealing with different kind of managers. It makes a difference whether you have a caring approachable management or if you don’t have a manager with good morals.

Instead of treating patients, health care administrators are charged with the elaboration, leading and organizing medical and health services. These managers can manage a health care facility such as a hospital, be in charge of a particular medical department, or manage a medical office for a single/group of physicians. They also oversee assistant administrators in greater facilities and administer finances, plus patient fees and billing. The job can also demand for representing a facility at stockholder conferences or on-board meetings, as well as keeping reports of the facility's services, such as the sum of inpatient beds used every year, and collaborating with medical staff and the head of department.

Management task is many times challenging, good staff management means upholding a custom of regular assessment of the staff, their skills, your budget, and for all those to run smoothly. In healthcare facilities management, when you can direct and manage your staff well, you are able to contribute to the overall goals of great patient care that hospitals and clinics attempt.

Communications management is the systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of all the channels of Communication within an organization, and between organizations. Communication is essential for the proper functioning of any health care organization. Faulty communication is the cause of everyday medical accidents. Hierarchical differences are also the cause of communication failures. Concerns with interpersonal power and conflict which includes upward influences, conflicting role and ambiguity. There is a Communication barrier when two communicators have differences in power. In many cases one party is worry about appearing incompetent or about offending the other. Also, if one the one person believes the other party is not open to communication. Communication is also compromised when people are busy or fatigued. Understanding these issues will help make health care organization run efficiently. Communication failures are increasing daily and being linked to important factors influencing patient safety in hospital as well.

In addition, the different system of horizontal labor and vertical hierarchy of power make communication challenging. The complex system which are composed of different hierarchical levels whose duty is to constantly connect the structure of these system can be substantial in the influence on whether and how critical information is communicated effectively. Data taken from residents regarding to patients test results, where previous diagnoses and treatments were not corrected in the patients’ medical history. Issues with accurate medical information that were not communicated effectively to the practitioner. Also, busy emergency department were the cause o of such miscommunication. Total failures of one kind or other were related or contributed to in 64 errors made with a (91%). One contributors that could lead to failures in healthcare management is the idea that many have about health care, which we see as a system. In many traditional systems, there is a hierarchal component that allows for the effectiveness production of a single product. However, in healthcare as Rouse explains in the “there is no one in charge, no one has the authority” (Rouse 2008).

Health care involves a great number of independent professional, this health care has to be approached as a “complex adaptive system. “Once there is no single point of control figure 1 bellow provides an overall view on how healthcare is willingly delivered to patients. The below figure, shows the network complexity which results in difficulties to understand the health care system. To “commuters’ or patients. To approach the management of this complex system, is which “organizational behaviors such as adopting a human centered that address the abilities, eliminations and inclinations of stake holders. Because, there is “no one really in charge, healthcare managers should emphasize. (Rouse 2008)

The ability to motivate employees is serious for managers in any field. In healthcare, which faces remarkable transformation, hesitation, and encounters, motivation becomes even more fundamental. Nothing can occur without the bond of employees. Helping people see a common vision and feel enough of a connection to it to make the needed efforts for its fulfilment is the important liability of leadership. Motivating the people who are working under management can be a difficult task at times. Everyone is unique, none of us are the exact same and each person needs something different to become motivated and that is where the challenge comes in for the managers, finding the right motivator for the right employee. Knowing and caring about the employees needs, will help managers know what type of rewards to offer as a way to motivate their employees.

A lack of promotion opportunities is one common problem. Studies shown that Nurses in told to be working for ten years without a promotion. This cause them to build resentment, where the studies show that simple statement—such as staff appraisals and plain promotion measures—could lead to better morale. A lack of and non-operational equipment and supplies can make employees become even more frustrated, causing them not to be happy in the place of work. Although money is not necessarily a primary motivator, salaries, particularly for highly trained personnel, also come into question. If employees do not feel as though they are sufficiently paid for their skill, they will then become less motivated. The challenge for managers is to take to equilibrium all these pieces of motivation and improve methods that considers everybody's desires while also keeping in mind the limitations of facilities, budgets, and location.

The success of any company, especially health care establishments only depends on the skills of managers and what kind of work atmosphere they offer for their employees. When employees are motivated they are likely to be more content with their jobs and will stay with the organization for many years. According to a study from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems in order to keep health care workers. 'pay a decent salary, that was established in the research through survey a job offer.

Another manager must do is to involved employees in everything, always taking their opinions into consideration and consider facilitating things. Work together as a team to come up with the best solutions. This is what a good administrator is made of, his staffs in everything that has to do with the occupation.

Maslow's theory was unique because his ideas consisted that each person had five needs and each need had to be met before they could go on to the next need. As the course went on, each old need lost motivational value as the new need was met. According 'Maslow's hierarchy of needs assumes there are five need levels that must be satisfied sequentially. The physiological needs, these needs include things like air, water, food, warmth, shelter, and sex, the basic survival needs. The security needs include a secure physical and emotional environment, examples include the need to be free from worry about money and job security. Belongingness needs involve social processes, they include the need for love and affection and the need to be accepted by one's peers. Esteem needs are actually composed of two diverse set of needs: the need for a positive self-image or self-respect and the need for recognition and respect from others. Self-actualization needs, at the top of the hierarchy, involve understanding one's potential for continued growth and individual improvement”. (management Journey)

While, Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory appears too modest for the human body, which is extremely complex, is a great theory for us people. This theory speaks about each aspect of our lives and in what way one feels about themselves and their surroundings. People who are in management positions will be wise to use this theory when it comes to motivating their employees, in any industry health care or otherwise. It does not matter which theory you think may be best to follow, interesting work and employee pay are the two biggest motivators.

In conclusion, motivating your employees is a difficult duty, it must be done in order to keep them content and to keep things running well. Keeping your employees happy can only bring attainment to the organization. The employees will love performing their duty and they will be very productive, they will attend work happy every day and this will result in a cost-effective organization, the turnover rates will be kept at low in the organization and will not have to be concern about training new employees and expending more money.

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