Racism in Health Care Field

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Racism is something that is able to be witnessed all throughout the world, no matter where you might be. Although it is seen in most cases just about anywhere, one certain field where it is highly exposed is in the health care field. There is an enormous lack of diversity training in health care and poor cross-cultural communication between doctors and patients is a reasoning, out of many, as to why this problem persists. Racism is a bias, segregation, or enmity coordinated against somebody of an alternate race dependent on the conviction that one's very own race is prevalent. Like the admirable Rosa Parks once said “Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome”.

Experts of color who want to achieve managerial positions in healing facility frameworks know to keep their mouths close with regards to issues of assorted variety, incorporation and race. Stand up, and they hazard being marked furious or troublesome, names that stick once appointed. Better to have a quiet seat at the table, than no seat by any stretch of the imagination.

Just like any other human being, individuals of color likewise comprehend the need of gathering graduate degrees, furnishing themselves with various propelled recognitions and intersection their fingers that it's sufficient to demonstrate they can carry out the responsibility. Regardless of whether the equivalent isn't anticipated from their white partners, it's an essential for getting a toe in the entryway. The fact that just because of their skin tone, they have to be this careful in order to not get fired and keep a roof over their head is absurd.

A big problem with racism is the unpredictable ways racial cleavages have impacted the development of citizenship, particularly in nations with profound ethno-racial divisions. Much of the history of efforts to construct a responsive and accountable public sphere can be seen as struggles to demolish racial barriers and incorporate previously excluded groups into the system of rights and obligations that define citizenship. Citizenship boundaries should respect cultural diversity, just because you come from somewhere different doesn’t mean you should be treated any differently.

It’s unfair and in humane, no one should feel any less than anyone, and certainly not because of their skin tone. This nation should be one, just because you may be of color or Latin, doesn’t mean you are any different and should have different rights than an American that was born in America. People say that racism has been abolished but that is not true, it may not be as bad as before but there is still racism. Because of past cases people tend to watch out who they give their confidence to. For example, I one heard a story about these two nurses and a patient in a hospital. Apparently the patient had an accident and had wet the bed, when he pressed the button calling for a nurses help, a nurse came. The nurse was a woman of color and was there to help the patient. When the patient saw her he looked away and said that no matter how long he had to wait, he would wait for a white colored nurse because the black nurse was going to hurt him. That is to show you the level of inhumanity that there is in this world, it is preposterous.

Another big problem is that patients are also getting treated different based on their race. Physicians take an oath to treat every patient that they have equally, yet why is that not the case? About 2 years ago, I had to go for my yearly checkup and I had recently changed to a new doctor. He was a white American doctor that spoke no Spanish, when he came in to consult with me, I was talking to my mother in Spanish and he gave me like a disgusted look, he told me that he would be right back. Like 10 minutes later, the nurse walked in and told me that the doctor was not going to be able to see me, that I would have to find another primary care physician, and when I asked why she said she could not tell me. I knew it was because I was Latina. I was very offended and it was just ridiculous that an individual, that practiced to make others feel good, made me feel like I was a nobody. How are we supposed to go and confide in these people, if there are some that will look at you in a different way, or in my case not even treat you because of it. Racism is something that really needs to be established and settled.

Health care is a huge community where there is a lot of racism involved. It is disappointing that the one place where each and every human being should feel comfortable to talk to and confide in, they have the chance of being judged and criticized because of their cultural diversity.

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