What is Euthanasia?

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Euthanasia is a painless death, some may say euthanasia is a undeviating act for taking a life through prescription drugs. A patient that has a short expand of life can address such an issue with their healthcare provider. Counseling can be provided before the final decision is made by doctor and the patient. At anytime the patient reserves the right to with draw from the process. The patient however must have good reason for the process before a doctor will approve such a request. Written documentation can be obtained from the ethics of medical and research on the website, through his/her doctors office. If the doctor has agreeded with patient that this is the best option both patient and doctor will be protected through legal binding documents and laws of that state. The patient also has the right to request family, friends and spouses to be present during the time of this process. This type of euthanasia can be considered as a voluntary act.

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“What is Euthanasia?”

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Identify and describe laws regarding euthanasia in your state.

The extermination of life is restricted in Louisiana and all through the whole United States. Louisiana Right to Life’s Center for Medical Ethics systematized into law the Louisiana’s Natural Death Act for consenting or denying medicinal treatment which currently explicitly peruses: “”Nothing in this Part will be translated to excuse, approve, or favor leniency slaughtering or killing or to allow any agreed or purposeful act or oversight to end life other than to allow the characteristic procedure of passing on”” (RS 40:1299.58.10).

Explain a recent case about euthanasia and its outcome.

Mr. Noel Conway is a 67 yr old termally ill man want to exercise the law on assisted death, so that he may go in a more dignified way. The request was presented and denied three times in court. Mr.Conway revealed that the Suicide Act of 1961 contradicts article 8 in reguards to human life and privacy to the judges. However to no avail the judges did not move on the act of euthanasia. Mr. Conway plead his case on the legal matter and he stated that he will continue to come before the courts until his request is granted. Mr. Conway has a breathing machine that carries every breath for him.

Even though he is dieseased ridden, his only option is to smother to death by removing the breathing tubes in his nostrals. Mr. Conway feels as if his rights as a human was not only granted but disreguarded. Mr. Conway is not expected to live pass another year. Maybe if he had presented his request under six months of life while in a stable frame of mind. He might have had a better chance at dieing a peaceful death and saying goodbye to love ones at his own leisure. Another reason why his request was denied is because he was depending upon his physician to assist with this act. However the laws is not in favor of act and is strictly prohibited.

Based upon what you have read, give your opinion on euthanasia, and support your argument

I am against euthanasia because it is morally wrong. To be able to disregard human life due to illnesses and diseases strips away the value of mankind. This could also start a trend in the medical field for using euthanasia as treatment instead of a cure. For religious reasons this takes life from the hands of a higher spiritual power.

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