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Internet Access in North Korea

Topic To explore why internet service and access is very low and its effects, as well as factors to make better. Introduction North Korea’s Internet get to special, it is accessible in the North Korea, yet just allowed with unique approval and principally utilized for government purposes and by nonnatives. The country is said to […]

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Orwell’s Idea of Dictatorship and North Korean Society

How would you characterize the country of North Korea? Many people would answer straight away and say how this nation is against free will and power to the people. We have seen stories and have been shown how the North Koreans have been brainwashed and do not make their own thoughts, but these thoughts are […]

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Freedom in North Korea

The peninsula of the Koreas has been established since ancient times, dating back to around 668 AD. It was with the uprising of the Silla Dynasty that the Korean people had been first united, providing an opportunity to create a culture and civilization of their own It went on that way for centuries, until in […]

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National Security and Terrorism in North Korea

National security generally refers to measures taken by a state to ensure, maintain, and promote its stability, diplomacy, economic, political and military power, and/or counteraction against terrorism. However, it’s evident that states pursue national security for different reasons, especially in North Korea. The Democratic Party of North Korea (DPRK) is an independent state located in […]

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North Korea Threat to USA

The most volatile and prominent threat to The United States of America is North Korea. Their development and testing of nuclear weapons coupled with their relationships with Russia and China promote conflict over foreseeable unity with South Korea. Most recently, North Korea has lengthened their demands for the United States in order to move forward […]

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North Korean Nuclear Missile Crisis

The issue of North Korea having nuclear weapons is a very complicated issue that consists of many states and must be dealt with the right way in order to avoid nuclear war. In the past couple of years tensions between the United States and North Korea have been extremely high with many threats from both […]

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U.S. North Korea Nuclear Conflict

North Korea’s quest for a nuclear weapon can be traced back to the Korean War. During the 1950s U.S. military involvement in the Korean peninsula has its roots in the Korean War, in which the United States supported forces in the southern part of the peninsula against communist forces in the north, who were aided […]

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About Conflict Within the Korean Peninsula

To begin, the conflict within the Korean peninsula started way before the official separation into two countries. For many years Korea has seen multiple presences of foreign actors including Japan, United States, Soviet Union and the United Nations. Japan spent an unprecedented amount of years in control of Korea pre-WWII due to their imperial rule. […]

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The Best Solution to our North Korean Problem

North Korea, despite prior sanctions from the U.S. and the international community as a whole, has a growing arsenal of nuclear weapons. The U.S. has been sanctioning nuclear weapon creation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for dozens of years and yet their arsenal has been growing in size. While many different reports state […]

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China and North Korea

China and North Korea have had a good relationship in the past which has helped one another to become quite prosperous with trade and economically, creating a good quality of life to their citizens. While North Korea seems to have leaned on China’s trades more so than the other way around, Chin has still been […]

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North Korea’s Nuclear Arsenal

North Korea’s nuclear arms have become a concerning issue for the United States and for the world. Many solutions have been considered as an alternative to a mass war, but none of the solutions have been executed. This impending nuclear war would result in widespread catastrophe. North Korea is believed to have more than a […]

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North and South Korean Border

North and South Korea are two countries that have been in conflict since 1945; however, the seeds to this rift were planted years before in 1910 when the entire area was annexed by Japan (Millett et al., p. 93). At this time, there was resistance and many radical and nationalist groups were formed. After Korea […]

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Sanctions on North Korea

Sanctions on North Korea – Good evening, everyone. As many of you may know, North Korea has developed over the years effective nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology. This has ultimately led to international denunciation in the form of sanctions. I have brought you all here this evening to discuss the reasoning for sanctions currently […]

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North Korea’s Growing Nuclear Missile Program

An issue that the international society is currently facing is the crisis in North Korea officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. In particular, North Korea’s growing nuclear missile program is a serious concern for nations such as South Korea, Japan, and the United States, and was highlighted when North Korea launched a […]

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What we Learned from the Korean War

The Korean War is one of the most memorable wars ever. Especially because North and South Korea still have problems to this day. The war between North and South Korea started on June 25, 1950 and ended on July 27, 1953. Since 1910, Korea had been under the rule of Japan. So after World War […]

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Consequences of the Korean War

The Cold War was about how North Korea’s leader Kim Il Sung desired to have communist while the South Korean’s were against it. This horrific atrocity happened to take place in Korea on June 25th 1950. While the war had begun North Korea received plentiful help from China’s leader Mao Zedong and while the US […]

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Ray Bradburyr’s Fahrenheit 451 and Censorship

In Ray Bradburyr’s Fahrenheit 451, people live in a society full of censorship. It is about a future where all books are burned because the people decided that knowledge brings pain. In the first hard cover edition, Neil Gaiman wrote the Introduction (April 2013) for Fahrenheit 451 (xi). He stated the following: This is a […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2700 Topics: Censorship, Fahrenheit 451, Freedom of Speech, Liberty, Mass Media, North Korea, Ray Bradbury

North Koreans are Unknowingly Oppressed

In North Korea, censorship is common practice; citizens don’t even know what the internet is. The public has access to central computers that can only access certain websites, selected by the government. Because of this, the media throughout North Korea is run by the government, showing only what it wants to show. Censorship in North […]

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North Korea’s Historic Behavior

North Korea continues to be a threat to the United States because it behaves as a rogue state actor on the global stage, has developed an illegal nuclear weapons program and capabilities, along with continuously perpetrating human rights violations against its citizens. This behavior by North Korea has escalated throughout history and has been supported […]

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North Korea Analytical Paper

In the eyes of most, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has been nothing short of a nuisance when it comes to international relations. From the very beginning, starting with the Korean war that has been dragged on for decades, to the unexpected, unapproved nuclear weapons testing, it is evident to why essentially no countries […]

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Sports Diplomacy in US-North Korean Relations

These two people would meet for the first time when Dennis Rodman made a trip to North Korea with the Harlem Globetrotters while being filmed by a Vice documentary crew. The two reportedly sat next to each other during a game played between the Globetrotters and North Koreans and began talking passionately about basketball, as […]

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Math IA Game of Theory: War Casualties

Introduction I have gained valuable skills and knowledge after learning topics on statistics and probability in the syllabus of IB Mathematics Standard Level. However, it has been my desires to come up with an area whereby I can apply the concepts I have learnt in the class to something that was physical and relevant in […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1602 Topics: America, North Korea

Theories of International Relations (China and USA)

Introduction Internal relations can be defined as many things. The definition is dependent on the branch of knowledge that is applying it. However, for this paper, international relations shall be defined as an international system that is made up of many states that have no bigger authority to which they answer when it comes to […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2306 Topics: Community, Conflicts, International Relations, Liberalism, North Korea, South Korea, State, United States, War

The Best Bad Option Nuclear Deterrence North Korea

The United States’ relations with North Korea have been nothing short of rollercoaster throughout the past decade. To quell the idea of nuclear war, the United States has used a wide variety of tactics to stray away from the severity war presents; including diplomacy, deterrence, and military action. In North Korea’s pursuit to military infidelity, […]

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A Short History of the Korean War

United States got involved beacuse they did not want communist to over grow. They were having problems with the Soviet Union so they joined the South to bet them. Truman, the President of the United States at the time was scared of the Soviet Union. The President called in the NSC-68. The NSC-68 was a […]

Pages: 2 Words: 469 Topics: International Relations, International Security, Korean War, National Security, North Korea, South Korea, War

Australia Vs. North Korea

To be a developed country is that it has good healthcare, food supply, gas, oil, coal, population growth to increase the birth rate, decrease the death rate, and increase of immigration coming to the country. To be a developing country, it lacks resources such as health care. This can cause the death rate to increase […]

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Nuclear Warfare in North Korea

Nuclear Development has recently been progressing at an alarming rate, many countries across the US have been exploring into these new lethal horizons. There are several blocks and guidelines in place for nuclear development and its use in every country, some countries are notoriously known for being rogue throughout the entire universe and United Nations. […]

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Research Paper on North Korea’s Challenges to Food Security

Abstract: How the climate change such as droughts and floods impacted North Korea, especially with its food crops will be discussed. Ways and studies to increase plant growth which could eventually diminish or even eliminate famine within North Korea will also be mentioned in the hope of saving millions of North Koreans. Introduction A devastating […]

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Dystopian Society of North Korea

You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom (Malcolm X). North Korea is a place in the world where there is no freedom, and it is run by a dictator rather than a leader. In addition, the dictator (Kim Jong Un, who acts like he […]

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The Authority of North Korea

Since Kim Jong-Un took control of North Korea he has made it very clear that he wants to be very isolated from the rest of the world. He has done this by banning the use of internet and social media. This is becoming a problem now because other countries are looking into the lives of […]

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