Australia Vs. North Korea

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To be a developed country is that it has good healthcare, food supply, gas, oil, coal, population growth to increase the birth rate, decrease the death rate, and increase of immigration coming to the country. To be a developing country, it lacks resources such as health care. This can cause the death rate to increase because of diseases or even natural causes due to the environment. People who live in a developing country need better resources and health care to benefit each life and the country. North Korea needs better health care as a developing country due to the death rate of 9.8 death verses a developed country, Australia which is at 7.3 deaths.

North korea is considered to be a developing country. This means that the country is lacking resources that are needed. North Korea has population of 25 million people. The birth rate in this country is 14.6 verses the death rate which is 9.3. The population growth rate is 0.47% in 2018. As far as natural resources, it is said that North Korea has an abundance of resources that the country is sitting on; $6 trillion to be in the range. This is not really expected of North Korea and seems to shock many people, considering the country is still developing. Credit Suisse analyst Trang Thuy Le estimates North Korea could become a $100 billion economy within 10 years if it takes a path towards modernisation. As said by Le, Mining already contributed 13% of 2016 GDP, but output has been constrained due to lack of buyers as a result of the recent economic sanctions as well as lack of investment in mining equipment and resources. Economic issues and concerns that North Korea faces are hyperinflation and famine. The political structure of North Korea is such that they have a supreme leader. This leader is Kim Jong- Un who has had contact with our President Donald Trump.

North Korea spends about 9.06% of its GDP on health expenditures. North Korea's health care is crumbling and in dire need of getting better health for their country. North Korea's health care is on the verge of crumbling due to corruption and doctors charging their patients money for their service. There are many people that can't afford so they get turned away and this is a result on way healthcare is getting worse and why their death rate is so high.

Australia is considered to be a developed country due to many demographics that make this possible. Australia has a population of 24.77 million people. The birth rate in this country is 12.1 verses the death rate which is 7.3. The population growth rate is 1.03% in 2017. In terms of natural resources, Australia has a huge processing industry which accounts for 8% of their Gross Domestic Product(GDP). This has a significant impact on the wealth and development of the country. Australian minerals sector is in the top 5 producers of most of the worlds key mineral product. Below is a list of the minerals that Australia produces:

The world's leading producer of bauxite, alumina, rutile, and tantalum;

The second largest producer of lead, ilmenite, zircon and lithium;

The third largest producer of iron ore, uranium and zinc;

The fourth largest producer of black coal, gold, manganese and nickel;

The fifth largest producer of aluminium, brown coal, diamonds, silver and copper.

Not only is this a huge accomplishment, but Australia is also the largest exporter of coal, iron ore, lead, and zinc, followed by uranium as the second largest. Although Australia is a large producer and leading exporter of many products, they have many economic concerns. This includes financial problems, unemployment, cost of living, house affordability, poverty, and the gap between the rich and poor. All of these were mentioned as the most important issues facing the country by 32% of Australians. Below is a graph showing these specific issues comparing Australia and the World:

There are more than just economic issues that Australia faces. Below is a graph that shows the most important problems facing australia and the world:

In terms of politics, it seems that Australia faces issues in that region with a percentage of 13.9%. The government in Australia is very similar to America as well as the British model.

Australia spends 10.3% of its GDP on health expenditures. Australia is very proud of the work that the doctors and nurses do and the role they play in healthcare. A lot of pressure is being put on the sector due to an aging population and an aging workforce. There is a increase in demand for health care even though the health workforce is growing at a faster rate than the population. Australia is making sure that the education is improving along with the training capacity and facilitating the recruitment of overseas trained health professionals. Increasing the number of medical internships places is a plan that the australian government has in place to provide the best options for future nurses and doctors.

North Korea needs better health care as a developing country due to the death rate of 9.8 death verses a developed country, Australia which is at 7.3 deaths.

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