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Economic Dependence on Tourism

Good morning. My name is Madison Zinn, and my presentation will be about economic dependence on tourism in some countries and how we can restrict that dependency. Tourism affects economies worldwide and serves as a major factor in national income for many countries, but for countries and areas that are more dependent on tourism than […]

Pages: 3 Words: 792 Topics: Economy, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, United States

Should Puerto Rico be the 51st State

Introduction Basing on the recent information concerning the future of Puerto Rico, the citizens are in the process of convincing the U.S Congress to identify Puerto Rico as one of the actual states through voting. The Puerto Ricans have their own reason as to why they should be recognized by the U.S Congress as the […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1342 Topics: Government, Puerto Rico
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The Great Puerto Rican Migration

US history have taken place for many different reasons pertaining to the laws and reasons of the great migrations. Although the immigration of Puerto Ricans isn’t nearly as significant as many others, it has made enough of an impact to make it on to the history books. As mentioned by Bill Breisky in Looking for […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1506 Topics: Immigration, Puerto Rico, Social Issues, The Great Migration, United States

Baseball Community

Motivation can help anyone in many ways, children can have a role model they always look up to. For example, a student-athlete can have a lot of people who come into mind, but for now, it can be anyone they look up to. Many children are not involved in sports, mostly in the Caribbean Islands, […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1800 Topics: Baseball, Jackie Robinson, Puerto Rico, Team Sports

Racism in Emergency Response Systems

Introduction It seems that police officers are always in the spotlight in the debate about racism in our first response organizations. For many, police brutality is a well known fact. For some, it’s a myth — that first responders always have their constituents best interest at heart. Whats important is to determine the facts; is […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2373 Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Puerto Rico, Racism
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