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Cuban Missile Crisis in History Essay

Since each of us was interested in military and war-related topics, when the National History Day competition topics were listed, we knew exactly which one would be our top choice. We selected “The Cuban Missile Crisis” as our top choice. This topic drew our attention because many people do not really know much about it, […]

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The Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis

In the 1960’s it was a very drastic time for Cuba. There was the Bay Of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis. These events would involve the Cold War especially with the Cuban Missile Crisis being the peak of it all. Without the support from the U.S, the Bay Of Pigs would be a total […]

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Cuban Missile Crisis History

Introduction Cuban missile crisis remains one of the most important historical events of the twentieth century and is known as the moment when the world came the closest to World War III, most likely the nuclear one. Events of Cold War such as Cuban Revolution, Cuba’s conversion to Communism with the support of Soviet Union, […]

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Crises Analyzing: the Cuban Missile Crisis

Abstract This paper makes an analysis of the United States of America’s actions during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962. More specifically, it takes an in depth look into the initial meetings held by President John F. Kennedy and the members of his Executive Committee of the National Security Council during the initial […]

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Analysis of the Cuban Missile Crisis

For about thirteen days in 1962, the United States and the Soviet Union had brought the world to the edge of a nuclear war over a conflict involving Cuba and the missiles that were brought there by the Soviet Union. This thirteen day standoff between the Soviet Union and the United States became known as […]

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Impact of Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a two-week standoff from October 16, 1962 – October 28, 1962. This was fought between two superpowers that left the world anticipating a third world war. There were many events that lead to the crisis. To begin with, it is important to know the leaders of the opposing nations. The […]

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End of Cuban Missile Crisis

In October 1962 a spy plane of the U.S. photographed the Soviet Union building nuclear missile sites on the island of Cuba. The president Kennedy kept it secret and discussed it in secret with his advisors for several days. Captain Capitalism is going to help protect the states. After many long and difficult meetings, Kennedy […]

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