Human Rights in North Korea

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If people were silent nothing would change, (Malala). North Korea has manipulated their citizens tragically, holding very harsh laws upon them. Tremendous inequalities began to develop causing the entire population to be categorized, particular social classes were assigned determined on their loyalty to socialism. Not a single individual is granted the power of determining how their life will be lived. When the government stopped providing food, the survivors had no choice but to provide for themselves. Leaving them to sell their personal items to purchase small portions of food from illegal markets. The citizens of North Korea are being horribly mistreated and need a healthy and secure place to live. North Korea's citizens are very underprivileged when it comes to their growth and freedom. Restricted actions are enforced upon each human. When criticism was made by an individual concerning the regime it would be enough for a family to disappear and never return. We felt like the Taliban saw us as little dolls to control, telling us what to do and how to dress, (Malala 124). Not only is North Korea dealing with these violations, but countless others are too. Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistan activist who fought for what she believed. Growing up under unnecessary regulations, Malala was shot on the left side of her head by a masked gunman who boarded her bus. Grim punishments were made because of genders, they were unwillingly forced to say goodbye to their people not knowing if they will ever see them again. In North Korea, similar things are still proceeding such as Collective Punishment' and Public Executions'. Collective Punishments occurs when one relative is persecuted for a crime which then cause three generations of their family to be punished. When accused of a crime, that person would be brutally executed. Adults and even young children are forced to come together to watch the execution take effect. These eerie actions are used to alarm the community to follow the regimes guidelines. Wistfully, it is hard to hear about these tragic violations that take place in North Korea. With North Korea refusing to cooperate with the U.S government, it is very challenging to perform helpful tasks. As it is very challenging enough to get into North Korea, being able to work with them would be astonishing. The U.S is capable of helping whether it is putting up safe places for families to stay in or even putting families in different locations throughout the U.S that are willing to help these underprivileged individuals. We need to be on the side of the North Korean people. And in our engagement with North Korea we should not only manage security problems but also push the country in the direction of further change and opening, (Hannah Song). By communicating with North Korea in a favorable manner, North Korea may gain interest in our perceptions. With positive engagement toward Kim Jong Un the leader of North Korea, the US is hoping he can take our positive influences into consideration. This process can possibly lead to no results and if there are results, the results could take a lengthy amount of time. North Korea must first accept our presence and our sympathy toward their country. North Korea and their people deserve a clean and healthy place to live. Costing around three hundred thousand US dollars which provides health care, housing, education and everyday essentials. Even though, North Korea has many suspicions about our end results, it is leading them to be promiscuous and weary of our intentions. If the US can not accomplish and stop these violations, the US then has no control over what continues in North Korea. Leading to many more horrifying scenes and actions that can not be stopped.
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