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Official Portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama

Were a big shock to the art world with a hidden political message, hence the title “The Mystery of Amy Sherald’s Portrait of Michelle Obama.” The two artists, Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, were chosen to be the Obama’s artists with careful selection since the portraits would be displayed among some of the most respected […]

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Michelle Obama 2016 Democratic Speech

The political speech that I choose to analyze is of Michelle Obama at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. In this speech, Michelle Obama speaks at the convention to inspire, persuade, garner support and justify why she believes Hilary Clinton is best suited for the job of President of the United States. As pointed out by […]

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What you Can Learn from Michelle Obama

Introduction “Failing is a crucial part of success… Your strength comes in your ability to recover.” (Obama, 2018). Michelle Obama – a strong-willed woman combining career success and a harmonic family life, while being a social advocate across the world. Approachable, and still seems flawless. A quite impressive woman. What can I still learn from […]

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Finals Words from Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was the First Lady who gave this speech at the end of her term. The speech took place in the White House with high school councilors from across the country standing behind her and sitting in the audience. The purpose of her speech was to talk about her accomplishments and hope for the […]

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Michelle Obama is a Strong Woman

 She is a well known person from the helpful decisions she has made. She has done good things for people during the 8 years in office. Married to a president comes with a lot of responsibilities, and having her life buried in economics.  Michelle and her brother grew up on the southside of her great-aunts […]

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Influential Women of the 20th Century 

A biblical name Orpah was mispronounced as Oprah. Today, the name is worth millions. Oprah opens up about what she was insecure about and what she was confident about she stated ‘I was most confident speaking in front of people. I knew how to talk…I was most terrified of… not of being enough. Not being […]

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