Dystopian Society of North Korea

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You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom (Malcolm X). North Korea is a place in the world where there is no freedom, and it is run by a dictator rather than a leader. In addition, the dictator (Kim Jong Un, who acts like he is the highest echelon) does horrible things to the country. When evaluating, a dystopian society, such as North Korea, audiences can evaluate what decisions the leaders made to cause their country to cause an imbalance in their country, the impacts that the decisions had on the citizens, and how authors use various genres of literature to educate people about dystopian society and progression towards equality.

North Korea contains many people but none of which are free to do what they want. To start off, in North Korea, there is no freedom, education, and a lot of discrimination towards the women gender, so this is causing a lot of problems. A lot of time, discrimination is started at early childhood, and boys are then picked to be the leaders in the school. In addition, the girls (unfortunately) are stereotyped to these type of gender roles. Next, in North Korea, they also don't have a lot of electricity. So, in a metaphor, the satellite in the nighttime shows that North Korea goes dark or black, and it was the only country out of the whole world that is not lit up. Third of all, in North Korea (as many know) they are not able to leave the country freely. There are over 25 million people who live there that are isolated away from society. Kim Jong Un (the dictator of North Korea) is mostly responsible for this, and the government just does what it wants without the public getting a say. To add on, they do not even have access to the internet or any independent media.Considering that North Korea formally (and ironically) known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is commonly referred to as a "hermit kingdom," quite a lot is known about this reclusive, isolated nation of 25 million people (Steven). To evaluate, the North Korean regime that is currently occurring in North Korea is in power in creating havoc that harms the people, and they are isolating the North Koreans away from information coming from the rest of the world (in addition to keeping people unfortunately in poverty). Finally, as people may know, the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has done some horrific things to the country. For example, he had planned to execute his own uncle and any political and military contender. With that being said, him murdering people is a huge crime against all of humanity. In conclusion, no one in this treacherous place is free.

Secondly, Kim Jong Un's decisions had a major impact on the country. As many knows, North Korea is a bad place. It is known for the growing of fear and paranoia. Second of all, there is absolutely no freedom in North Korea. They are made to do things unwillingly; and if they try to exit the country, they will either go to prison or be executed. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea could not be more different than its name suggests: it is about as undemocratic as you can imagine, it bears no resemblance to a Republic (res publica, in the Roman sense) and it is neither of the people nor for the people, it is completely and utterly against the people (Five Days In). Finally, the citizens must wear a pin with the leader's face on it. In addition, everyone that lives in North Korea, it is mandatory to have pictures of former leaders displayed in their home. All in all, because of Kim Jong Un's decisions, it causes his country's people to suffer.

Finally, authors use different ways to inform, inspire, and spread a message about dystopian society. For example, in the novel The Yellow Fever by Jim Murphy, the author spread a message about dystopia back then. She did that by really giving a lot of juicy details, and because of those details and the emotions in the book, it really shows how miserable people really were. In addition, authors inspire people to take action to help fix the dystopian in the world. They do this by giving emotion of the people who are morose, and by giving those emotions, it will cause audiences to get emotional. With that being said, by getting emotional, it will make people want to help the dystopian society that occurs in the world. Sometimes...I lose myself in looking back upon the ocean which I have passed, and now and then find myself surprised by a tear in reflecting upon the friends I have lost, and the scenes of distress that I have witnessed, and which I was unable to relieve (Murphy). Last, of all, authors can inform readers about dystopia in the world today by taking a real situation and changing the problem into a story to tell. For example, in the book The Yellow Fever by Jim Murphy, the author took a real-life situation that occurred, and he changed it into a story to inform readers about the specific time it took place in. To conclude, there are multiple ways authors can teach audiences about the dystopia that occurs in the world today.

When analyzing a dystopian society (North Korea), readers can evaluate the decisions the leaders made for their country to cause an imbalance in their country, the impacts that the decisions had on the citizens, and how authors can use multiple genres of literature to teach people about dystopian society and progression towards equality. The message out of this essay is that there are so much inequality and imbalance in the world, and it teaches people to remember that even though they might get into trouble sometimes, just know and be thankful for being in a good place. Leaning towards another topic, another topic that is similar to this is the Holocaust. It is similar because of the inequalities and they both have not the best leaders. To sum it up, there is a great amount of dystopian society in North Korea, and it causes misery to its citizens.

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