Essays on Imperialism

Essay About Imperialism

Imperialism is the policy of extending a nation’s power through diplomacy or military force. This policy is associated with the upbringing of colonies and can also be associated with expanding economic and political power over nation’s that are independent. This brings us to the idea of Social Darwinism or the white men’s burden, which leads us to believe that imperialism is a way to spread democracy and better the lives of those who were inferior. During the end of the 19th century, American had gone through the never-ending change and growth of the economy, agriculture, and industry. America was in competition with other foreign countries, which made imperialism necessary for the American empire. Therefore, American imperialism was justified due to religious, economical, and military purposes.

America was going through a time where Social Darwinism was looked upon by many. American’s thought that the U.S. was for the fit and strong and that everyone needed to fit this ideal. The U.S. wanted to win in the competition to other fit and strong states and countries, so they became an imperial power. Economically, America was hanging on by a thin string. Farmers and factory owners were seeking interest beyond American land and many thought that America did not have the means to keep moving forward. Foreign trade was becoming very important for the economy. America thought about expanding to bring their markets up. American’s were eager to enforce imperialism throughout the whole nation. With the increase of businesses overseas, protecting investments became a priority. With this idea that control of the sea was the key to world dominance, the U.S. wanted to build large navy bases and refueling stations. Soon after this, the US. was hunting down control over Hawaii and other pacific islands. Imperialism brought the increase and necessity of a navy because future wars would be conflicts of interest. Therefore, with its new sense of power and pride, American was justified to engage in imperialism due to religious, economical, and military purposes.

Although imperialism was for the better good of the U.S. as a whole, problems were not far behind the success. For starters, Americans could no longer afford the luxury of pursuing perfectionism, they had to become practical and constructive with their decisions. Under imperialism, Americans were forced to change their attitudes about the topic. They were so luxurious before imperialism that they could afford faults, criticism and to go against imperialism, but that no longer would do the job. Imperialism could not be abolished with good intentions and a stroke of the pen. Imperialism grew through original sin. Imperialism associated with robbery, exploitation, slavery, and rule by whip or gun. Imperialism was unjust and went against all that it presented for those that did not meet the criteria.

Imperialism was very successful in the fact that it increased religion, the economy, and the military. American imperialism brought the better good out of the U.S. and brought it back to where it needed to be. Although imperialism also had its set-backs, the U.S. was rejuvenated. American imperialism was very justified in the way it transformed religion, the economy, and the military. Imperialism does not remain justified, now. The U.S. now has faced, what feels like, the same amount of racism and segregation as it had before imperialism. Events in the more recent past are the result of the imperialistic results we have today. America would still be an imperial power if only, the U.S. did not have so much conflict within itself and with other countries. 

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