Internet Access in North Korea

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To explore why internet service and access is very low and its effects, as well as factors to make better.


North Korea's Internet get to special, it is accessible in the North Korea, yet just allowed with unique approval and principally utilized for government purposes and by nonnatives. The country is said to have fairly large internal domestic internet disconnected from the rest of the world. The country has some broadband infrastructure, including fiber optic links between major institutions. However, online services for most individuals and institution are provided through a free domestic only network known as Kwangmyong, with access to the global internet limited to a much smaller group. As of late 2014 there are 1,024 IP address in the country. Now I want inspect and research on how to develop internet access availability throughout the country and benefits comes from usage of internet. In my research paper these questions will be discussed and answered

  1. Is the Internet readily available for use in North Korea?
  2. Are there any resources to the country to provide internet?
  3. Why government banned internet in the country?
  4. What are the Benefits of wide range of using internet?
  5. What are the problems regarding increasing usage of internet access?
  6. Can the government afford large scale access?

Basis of research

A small minority of users, such as university students, scientists, and select government officials, are allowed access to North Korea's domestic, state-run intranet via common-use computers at universities and internet cafes. The use of internal internet can be described as follows: The network, called Kwangmyong, currently connects libraries, universities, and government departments and is slowly making its way into homes of better-off citizens. It houses a number of domestic websites, an online learning system, and email. The sites themselves aren't much to get excited about: They belong to the national news service, universities, government IT service centers, and a handful of other official organizations. There's also apparently a cooking site with recipes for Korean dishes. Recently the internet becomes a basic tool of functioning for people around the world and there are a lot of benefits for using the internet in many filed such as education, medical, industry, and business. For example, Internet can provide education to people in remote areas through online classes and it can also help students to develop a scientific temper by browsing different websites and can help research field of their country. In addition, in field of medical there are a lot of new innovations in different countries that help in improving patient services and the internet helps anyone to have access to this information. Internet provides basic knowledge of the world out their which helps people to know about different countries and their culture which in turn helps people to grow has a global citizens and develop their country.


Naturally, as the number of things we can do on the Internet increases, the amount of time we spend online has grown. The Internet is a powerful tool, but in North Korea only few privileged people are using internet. If the government can increase the reach then more people will get the chance to use internet for their better. I can conclude that it's hard to develop many filed in any country without using the internet.


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